Monday, July 28, 2008

How my monday was from HELL

OK so we are trying to buy a has been a long hard road to come to that..tho I am ever glad to be rid of my ghetto blaster van..(AC hasn't worked in 4 years! window switches work as they see fit and it just sucks..)
so we find one, thanks to our neighbor who just started at car sales..we have been able to extensively test drive a VW Passat is awesome..I really wanted a Hyundai Santa Fe..but this is a NICE car..and it gives you a blow by blow on how many miles per gallon you are burning in is something I can see myself being addicted to..
anywho, so we decide we need to dig out the title for the van last night,.well it was late and decided to wait and look in the I do..and I can NOT find it. fact I can't find the entire envelope of important documents...both boys birth certificates..OUR birth certificates and our marriage license..(OH the implications and the SS cards for us all and the VAN title..
I know I just saw it in the last few months..we had it out for some reason..and apparently it was never put back..
SO I spent ALL day at work distracted..thinking of where it could be...wondering how we would get a copy if I couldn't find it..thinking how irritated I am and how irritated del would be..
so I come home and SCOUR every square inch of the house it could possibly be...NO dice..I looked 3 and 4 times in the same places..NADA..
I am SO pissed..

add into this the boys are signing up for football, first time, and i have to track down someone to find out if they got the papers and if they can still play...they can, great..I spend an hour and a half getting them fitted for gear and uniforms and talking to coaches..fine..all done..come home to a cranky husband who wants to know WHY the registration is NOT in the car like it is supposed to me..WTF? If I knew, it would be THERE he helps me none..
I find old registration cards, but not new..he insists we need the current one to take to the dealership so they can take it in as a trade..


OK fine..
I print out all the forms needed to get a new title and reg to talk to the Neighbor and he says "all we need is an old card...we can get a new title for you no problem'
at that very moment, I wanted to THROTTLE my ever so loving husband. HARD.
My suggestion of just taking the van down to have him tell us how much it is worth in trade would have yeilded PROGRESS in the whole car ordeal..
I am just beside myself..

and then he is going back to Erie tomorrow for work, OK it is up to me to finish this deal..oye vey..

I am SO stressed..

what if I eff something up?

I feel like I am being set up somehow...and I don't like hope to GOD I can do this one my own and make a good deal out of it all..

I need a freaking VAT of wine to relax me now and I am fairly sure my head was close to exploding today...

This house looks like a tornado went thru it..paper piles everywhere..NOTHING was cleaned...well, I did do dishes....god help me..
I guess the bright spot is that I will sort out some junk papers and be able to reorganized..but somehow I hate being forced into it...