Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yes, it's tuesday again! woooo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I heart Margaritas, and Mexican foods of all kinds..guess I need to get some margarita mix for tonight...lol..I love margaritas..the plain green ones are my fave....and I think we will have Tacos for dinner...

Does any one else watch Good Morning America? We always end up on that channel in the morning, and it always makes us laugh...I have to say I love RobinRoberts...and I have a theory about her...I think she is g.ay. srsly. I have NO problem w/ anyones sexuality..for real...whatever floats your boat...but I just have this feeling that she is..now my GayDar is notoriously busted...so I could be wrong..anyone else care to offer an opinion on this??

Has anyone seen the Denny's commercials w/ the taking robot?
dude. always makes me laugh..especially the ones about the timer..enjoy the clip

I had to clean my laptop out..I had to unscrew the the back and spray it w canned air..O.M.G the DUST in that bad boy...it was badddddddd....dust, and hair and even DUST BUNNIES. the fan wasn't working right it was so bad...guess I need to do that once every few months..

My 12 year old is now using AXE body spray and body wash...on one hand I am glad he is using soap in the shower and wants to smell nice, on the other hand I am scared...

school is out in less than a month. hold me.

The gardening geek in me has a new project, the rest of my her garden..I have the grass clods in piles, I planted some lettuce seeds...now for the weed block and the mulch..