Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You down with RTT??


Yes its that time again..TUESDAY...random thoughts...its one of the highlights of my week :)
(don't judge me..mmmkay?)

For some reason, the song OPP (NaughtybyNature-lyrics here) got stuck in my head the other day..and then when I saw RTT, well, it fits in the lyrics quite well..so now, that is what I hear when I think of RTT (you down w/ RTT? yeah, you know me...)
why, I have NO idea..but now I think RTT has a song :)

my kids can eat a pound of banana in a days time..srsly. it is scary. we are big fruit eaters here.
of course they are equal opportunity eater, they will eat cake and candy as fast as they eat bananas. But the downside to that is that I rarely get more than a few pieces of fruit...little vultures that they are..

I saw a chick in the convenience store yesterday wearing a pink poncho, trimmed w/ rabbit fur. and glasses that looked like they were 25 years old and WAY too big for her face. she seemed to be in her own little world. I could write a story about her...that much character would have to have a good story behind it...maybe I will do a short story...

I like to write...I remember when I was a kid(5th grade), I wrote a play...an off shoot to cinderella..modernized..also wrote a short story when I was a teenager about reincarnation..I may still have that one, but the play was lost to the ages..

my laptop cord has a broken wire- AGAIN. WTF? the stupid thing is located at the back, and it is angled..it ALWAYS gets stuck underneath...it annoys me. alot. This is the second one in 15 months..the original did the same thing...Del was able to frankenstein it back together, but that makes it a backup only..since he can;t put the hard plastic around the wires again..it is nice having an electricican around...buy ask me how many electrical outlets I have in my room?? ONE. and a VERY full power strip. we have lived here almost 5 years...its like the cobblers kids...they always need shoes.. Me? I want OUTLETS in my bedroom. like 5...lol..

OMFG. get this..my neighbor..my neighbor who has a substandard IQ, whose 'woman' has been in rehab and the nuthatch and is medicated for bi-polar..whose kid is as dumb as the day is long, and who has a 20 year old (the womans kid..) living in the basement who punches his 9 year old brother in the leg b.c he annoys him (yes, he did that...scary he is still there..)
This neighbor,Mr Crazy, BOUGHT A HANDGUN. for real. I wouldn't trust him to watch my DOG, and he was able to buy a gun. WTF. why don;t they give IQ tests for that??
I am scared and told BOTH of my boys they are NOT to ever go inside that house. all I can see is The Spawn saying 'look what my dad has...' waving it and accidentally shooting my kid and killing one of them. NO effin way...
and NOT to mention this stupid neighbor NEVER Has any money...can barely pay his mortgage, regularly gets shut off notices..he makes 6 bucks less an hour than what we bring in...and he spent the money on a fucking GUN. he is such a dumb ass..honetly. like we live in the 'hood. we live in one of the safest areas around. UGH. OK OK....I have to stop now, my BP is going up...needless to say, I am disturbed by this..

My daffodils are getting ready to bloom. YAY! I will take pictures when they do...they are SO pretty. I have pink ones and yellow ones, and white w/ yellow centers...

I Will be glad to see march go away...I am SO sick of fickle weather. I want some warmth, sunshine..I want to garden...and get some color..because wow. I am PALE. if Neon white is a color, I am that...I emit a bright white glare when the sun hits me!!

did you know they haved do it your self DNA tests? wow. if I had disposable income, I would so buy one and get my DNA done..how fun would that be???

OK, I am done, I have to get ready for work...check out Keely@ The Un-mom..she is singlehandedly jumpstarting the economy over there..and has killer taste in jeans :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


OMFG..file this under the WTF file..
apparently the shamwow guy punched a hooker.. (superbly annoying which I say is why he had to pay for sex..coz come on..who would want to hear THAT voice at climax...*shudders*) apparently, she BIT his tongue and refused to let go, so he punched her a till she did..
come to think of it, maybe he wouldn't shut up, so she bit his tongue in self defense..lol..
they BOTH were arrested for assault..but no prosecution...finally a judicial decision I can understand..lol..
check it out on TMZ
OH and here are pictures..OMG..look at her EYES!
wow did he do a helluva a job on her...

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Gramma(also blogging while buzzed..)

heh...Thanks for the inspiration Keely!!
I just downed 2 bottles of Woodchuck cider...YUM. nectar of the gods I say..
(also, did you know that my grade school principal was Dr Keely?? I loved him..he was an ex-Marine..and an army reservist..he would put the smack down on any kid who gave him shit..and he DID frequently..but he knew EVERY kids name..every one..he died of melanoma a few years ago...it saddened me..he was awesome...)

I got a phone call today, my Gramma went to the hospital..I talked to her earlier today..she was fine..but around noon, she suddenly began vomiting A LOT, passed out, had intestinal issues, was dizzy sweaty and kind of out of it...SO my Aunt called the ambulance, my gram was NOT impressed..I was on pins and needles waiting to hear what was wrong..
apparently she has the Flu..that and a reaction to Amoxicillin she just started taking last night..they ran all sorts of blood work, and she was sent home w/ a Flu DX..and is resting now..
It scared the bejezus out of me..
she is 78...no spring chicken..she has 9 kids, and 38 grandchildren..plus her Great grand children..I am the oldest of the grandkids..and I am 34...

She is fastidious about her health, she goes to Dr appts regularly and takes her medicine...she has 4 other siblings who did NOT do these things and they are no longer with us..she is smart..funny..tolerant..insightful..and a damn saint for having raised SEVEN boys and not killed them or herself..my aunts were challenging too..lol..but there were 2 of them..
Hell she raised me every weekend of my life practically...I spent every weekend w/ her and almost all summer until I left home at 18...I was like her 10th kid..
and she helped to fill spaces in my life that were lacking b/c of my parents divorce..I am a firm believer that it saved me..her extra attention...she is like a second mom to me..
She is the glue that holds our family together...

I know someday soon she is going to die..but, I have a hard time dealing w/ that..I have been bracing myself for it..(despite what I say to her..she will say 'when I die..xyz..and I say STOP it..we don't want to hear it...lol..but I do need to hear it..coz we all die..)
but the child in me, she wants to think her gramma is going to live forever..and make her awesome potroast until the end of time..and be there to glare when someone says a swear in her earshot..and tell me when I need to do something different w. my boys..and listen to me whine about my husband..and make pecan tassies at xmas..make her siganture HAM GRAVY..which rocks the party...and NOT burn the candles everyone buys her for xmas..

when she goes, I will miss so many things...so much of her is me..I look like her, I move like her..she is important in my life..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New layout

OK, opinions!
does it read easy, are the colors OK..
also, I want a personalized header..any suggestions?

Dream Jobs..

I was tagged WAY too long ago by Mumma-Boox2 (AKA Cathi) and true to my form, I kept either putting it off, or forgetting about it..yeah...I didn't think anyone would be surprised to hear that!

I am supposed to list 7 jobs I would like to have..DREAM jobs...heh..this should be fun...

1- Psychologist...anyone who knows me know I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a psychologist...I analyze people as it is...(yes, I analyze YOU...I analyze everyone...lol..) and I am right quite often...I think being a hairstylist is as close as I am going to get coz it is rough to get paid enough to justify the schooling costs...

2-coffee tester. for starbucks. I may never sleep again, but who CARES!! I'd get free Mochas!! and a hell of alot done as home..

3-Quality control at Woodchuck Hard Cider..this would counter act the effect of the Starbucks job...of course, I would weigh appx 900 lbs..Woodchuck has 200 calories a bottle..

4- book reviewer...I would love the chance to read and get paid...the editing part I may be able to do..I can catch spelling errors, but the grammar and punctuation parts I would suck at...

5- owning a thrift shop. I would give my left arm to get first dibs on the stuff that comes in at the thrift shop down the street from me..the treasures that people have NO idea they are giving away...I would be able to take the cream of the crop and sell it on ebay and be sure that the cool stuff finds good homes..

6-professional test driver...like you see in the commercials..you could drive all crazy, and never get in trouble..and I am sure you would be able to take the cars home...give them a real world test drive...how fun would that be?!? I doubt you would ever have to pay for gas..

7- this may not be technically a JOB...BUT I want to be independently wealthy..coz really, this average life is for the birds..I wanna have OLD money, new money, just MONEY...more than I have now..(yes, I am disillusioned w/ my life right now..bleh)

OK so I am supposed to tag some of my blogging friends...so lets see...
Jamie @ Mrs Sour Britches coz she is cool & I am interested to see what her dream jobs are..
Brooke @ Martinis aren't just for breakfast she may have a sweet new job now, but I know she has to have some good ideas for dream jobs! and she is wicked funny
Staci @ La Chambre d'Orchidee..she makes me laugh..regularly..and I am sure this will give me new insight into her...and that has got to be entertaining..
and my good bud Jenni @ Alena's Path I am sure she has some wicked good ideas of dream jobs..

OK that be all..can't wait to see everyone's ideas!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Itttssss Tuesday! Yay!

Oh god that STUPID comcast commercial is on...ugh. were is the ice pick when I need it..

My best friend Nadine is in Fargo, and they are looking at possibly flooding pretty severely....I hope she stays safe, but as she pointed out, if Fargo gets wiped off the map, she can come back here to live :) which would be rocking..sooo....think about that...lol..and besides Fargo sucks ass...

I watched Twilight Sunday night...OMG that appeals to my inner teenager. I loved it. in fact I am going to BUY the DVD. something I rarely do...I can see where it is slightly schamltzy, but like I said me=15...hehe..I am not ashamed..

Nadya Suleman (AKA Ocotomom god I hate the way the press names people..) may have fired the Angels in Waiting help she has, or at the very least Gloria Allred scared the nanny (which, really, who WOULDN'T be a little afraid of Allred..she is kinda scary!) there was a 911 call placed last week asking the police to remove Allred..check out the linky from TMZ...

and MIRACLES of Miracles, my crazy neighbors TRIMMED the shrubs that have not been touched in like 4 years...I was not too excited when I saw Ms Crazy whacking at them w/ hand trimmers, but they got a set of electric ones and they are DONE. now..we shall see if the rest of the yard fares as well.it looks like a damn field in their front yard..

That is all of my RTT for today..check out Keely @ The UnMom for more... she is on some fine pain meds..I am jealous...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Death knows no boundaries

a high profile death always makes me think..
I know her name, but that is about it..couldnt tell you what movies she is in..lol..

It doesn't matter how much or how little money you have, how much notoriety, how much someone loves you or how much someone hates you...death doesn't care.

It makes you want to cherish and love those close to you that much more...it makes you notice the little things..be grateful for the small moments in life...

something as simple as the cute look your kids make...the dog climbing onto your lap..holding hands w/ your other half as you fall asleep..a phone call from a friend...it all makes you happy to be alive, happy to be where you are..happy it isn't you who has to explain to your kids why mommy isn't coming home...It makes all the small annoyances in life seem like NOTHING...

I remember when my grampa died in 1988...that was so traumatic for me as a 13 YO..It was so damn hard for me to know he was never going to be coming home, that I wouldn't ever hear him call me 'Kid # 1' (I was the oldest grandkid..so I was kid #1...) that he wouldn't be in his office when I went to visit every weekend...he was gone.
when my gramma (moms mom) died in august of 07, that was not as traumatic, it was a shock and partially a relief coz she was steadily declining in health and between her and my uncle who had a mental breakdown, my mom was stretched beyond the limit...it made me sad to know I would never go on another shopping trip w. her and my mom & sister again, she wouldn't ever get to go on another bus trip to atlantic city...but she was at peace, and not suffering anymore..

I know when I come home tonight from work, I am going to hug my babies and thank god I am here, that they are here..I know this will evoke squalls of "stop it mom" from the oldest..but the youngest will eat it up ;)
THAT is what I need to cherish, to relish..
and I know when we go to bed tonight and i watch my shows, we will snuggle up together and I will be glad I have someone, as flawed as he may be..I love him...

one of my friends is also going thru a loss, Jamie & her family are dealing with her grandmother's accident and possible death right now, keep her in your thoughts and prayers or whatever you do.

and go hug your babies and enjoy those little things

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yay! Random Tuesday Thoughts!


Woooo! It be TUESDAY again!
If you are wondering what this is all about, go check out Keely @ The Un-Mom
and since I am random (obviously!) I heart RTT!!!

I just spilled my morning coffee all over me. my god, I am SO KLUTZY! thankfully,it wasn't hot enough to burn me..but srsly? I do shit like that more than the average person...

Today is St Patty's day. I am Irish(like 25%...lol...mostly I am Polish...no really..heh..) I heart St Patricks day! One of my dreams is a trip to Ireland. I wanna go to Kilkenny County (where my ancestors came from) to Castlecomer where my family was centered & meet some Irish Buggy's. I'd like to take my dad. he would be over the moon :)

I went out w/ friends on friday, and we played pool..I suck at pool. seriously. it is just painful to watch me play.and no amount of run & coke will make me play better.Which is completely opposite of drinking & my bowling score. The more I drink, the better my score gets!!

I have to remind my eldest (who is 12) to comb his hair like 3 times a day..and I have serious doubts that he actually uses a comb. I think he uses a frying pan. or his fingers.
when does that obsession with personal hygeine and appearance start?? I am so ready for it.

dude. thank god for 'undo' coz I just accidentally deleted this entire post.

my kids have found a disturbing new game to play The Torture Game
part of me finds it disturbing.Part of me says cool.
and I am raising part of the next generation. scary huh?

OK, I am done w/ my random for the week. I have a 9 year old boy stalking me for computer time. I put him off as long as I could, but now I hafta give it up. besides I need to get ready for work. another long day. I have ONE appt down and I bet she doesn't show. ugh.

go check out Keely for more random linkies!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday!

I was thinking last night on my way home from work..I saw a car w/ a burned out headlight, and thought "PIDDIDLE!"
anyone else remember those??
If you saw one, you could get a free kiss from your man?
and if you saw a burned out tail light..well, that was something ELSE *wink wink*

THAT got me on a train of thought about stuff from child hood..
Friendship Pins.. I had a bunch of those, and may *still* have a few stashed somewhere..


Friendship bracelets? they were made with embroidery floss and knotted to make a bracelet in various colors..you would attach them to a safety pin, and then the pin to your jeans to work on your craft ant any given opportunity..math class was always a fave..lol..

jelly shoes, of course, but it sucked when your feet got seaty..

off the shoulder shirts, I had one that was pink, and had a picture of a cat on the front w/ glitter accenting it..my god I thought that was the BOMB.

JEANS skirts...I remember my first one..awesome..

I also pegged my jeans, had acid washed jeans w/ zippers at the ankle in the back, and little bows above the zippers...friggin high fashion baby..lol..

what do you remember from the 80's/early 90's??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sort of?)

yeah, you know me..I have a complete and utter inability to do a totally wordless anything...heh..
so anyways, this is what I see when I walk into my kids room yesterday...
I wonder what the gorillla did to deserve this?
since he is a webkin, I think maybe my kid got sick of losing on the wheel of WOW or getting NO gems in the gem hunt...this treatment serves as a warning to other webkinz...i'll let you know if it works..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yes, it's tuesday again...wooooo!

You know, there is one particular commercial that bugs me, the Duracell commercial for the Brickhouse Child Locator...(which is basically Lo-Jack for your kid)...yes, it is scary when the kids wander off, but ya know..in my 12 years of child rearing I have never had a need for Lo Jack...and that kid? when she finds him, she hugs him...Ha! that is SUCH a load..obviously the commerical was produced by someone who doesn't have kids...coz what they REALLY should have shown was the mom thwacking that kid upside the head and asking him WTF he was thinking...
I also tell MY kids that someone will steal them and then mutter under my breath that whoever does it will bring them back in a matter of minutes..coz they are such godless heathens..lol..(I of course am kidding, seriousness elludes me even in parenting..)

March is a FICKLE BITCH. it was 8* one week ago...then 70* on saturday...and now it is back down to the 50's...my daffodils are peeking, as are crocuses and tulips...my day lilys are starting to poke up and my iris' too! I wanna start planting...SO bad...

We had an anatomy lesson last night(get yer mind out of the gutter) my kids & I looked at eachothers eardrums..it was pretty cool...the 9 year old was pretty fascinated w/ it. and let me say all of our ears have wax we cannot reach w/ a q-tip...ew. I am an ear cleaning fanatic...I know, bad bad, but they are my ears--nener nener...

I am premenstrual and my bewbs hurt. alot. I hate being a girl sometimes...woudn't it be nice if men had sore balls once a month??? of course if THEY had an annoyance that hit once a month there would have been a cure for it millenia ago...

I am going to take Keelys advice and try blogging w/ wine next time..whats got the highest alcohol content? coz I have one helluva tolerance...I need me heavy duty booze...lol..

OK I am off, work today and I am busy (YAY)

visit Keely at the Un-mom for more Randomness!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Minor Annoyances

it brings out my annoyances...and Dear Internet you get to listen..whether you like it or not!!

There is a new commercial for Comcast cable..and it ANNOYS me so badly...it took me a few days to decide I hate it..but I do. Here watch it

Oh and I forgot the tune is one that STICKS IN YOUR MIND like industrial glue...thank me later...heh...

was reading some trash magazines today at work..and wow. I saw something that was just sad...and so telling about young Hollywood..
Hayden Panettiere says that Paris Hilton is her HERO.
just sad...
OK enough about that..I know, I know 10 seconds of your life you won't ever get back..but I had to share...

ALSO, did you know they are doing a Star Trek Remake?
WHY oh WHY do they need to do that...wasn't it cheesy enough the first time around?
granted I am a Trekkie to some degree, I am more of a TNG fan myself..but why re-do it..ugh.

Also, Jerry Seinfeld is doing a Reality Marriage show..
would YOU take marriage advice from JERRY SEINFELD??
NOT for me thanks...
It's called the Marriage Ref


The sad thing?
Reality TV will NEVER ever go away. ever.

Also, am PMSing it..which makes me wanna EAT everything that is not nailed down.srsly.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freezing my Arse off Edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts


OMFG it is MARCH THIRD and it was 7* last night, a -15 windchill and we have a 2 hour delay...SRSLY? I am ready to ring Mother Natures neck..coz that bitch is screwing w/ me now...gggrrrrrrrr

I FINALLY caught up on my sleep from Saturday/Sunday...that was 2 days to feel normal again...wow. I am OLD. it takes me 2 days after a night of debauchery & drinking to feel normal again..old old old...

Judge Judy is on The Ellen Show..I like her...and Ellen too...

Does anyone else watch Life on Mars thursday nights?
I am digging it..Jason Omara is friggin ADORABLE.
It is set in the 70's, and the sound track is 70's..I expected some horrible music, but I am have been pleasantly surprised...

My boss is awesome. I usually open the shop at 10 and when my kids have a 2 hr delay, she is totally OK w/ me going in at 11...she is awesome...

I have been playing the Sims lately...I am addicted. again. so is the hubby...I wanna get Sims 2...anyone know what the differences are?

OK it is time for me to go to work...Happy Random Tuesday!

Go visit Keely to see her random and links to other Randoms...

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Miracle of Birth!

I got to experience it, as a third party anyways.
One of my my best friends, Krista, gave birth Sunday morning to a beautiful baby boy!
I was able to be there and witness it and wow. it never ceases to amaze me. ever.

We tried various methods of old wives tales to get her to go into labor friday..we made her walk up stairs..she drank a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar...she squatted, she bounced on her bed, she jumed up and down..she wouldn't however gallop and let us video her. pansy. she wouldn't gallop at all..
but her 4 year old got a kick out of this youtube video..

We did too...my god did we laugh...
we tried accupressure points on her thumb, ankle and hand..nothin.
SO, after she was exhausted beyond belief, we called it quits.
Saturday she came in to work and got a Pedi..I made it last 2 hours :) she soaked her feet, we removed callouses, we scrubbed them w/ a sugar scrub, did a clay foot masque..and massaged, in which I also did the accupressure points to hopefully help her go into labor...
we polished her toes and she went home to relax more!

Later that night I went to a scrapbooking event, and was doing some pages when I checked my phone & saw that Nicole had called..she was to call me when Krista went into labor..EEEEKKKKK..I called her back and yes indeed-y Krista's water broke!
SO, after I squealed like a 6 year old girl..I gathered my stuff and off I went..drove like a MANIAC to meet Nicole..(srsly. I broke many traffic laws).. we drove her car down to the hospital...
we were both exhausted, she has only about 3 hrs of sleep the night before and I had been up since 6:30 am...it was 11:30/12 at this point..but once that adrenaline hit, wow. I was awake and hyped up..
we got there and she was in triage, so we waited till she got a room and joined her..
they gave her Pitocin to strengthen her ctrx, they were weak and not very regular...
Mark (the baby's dad..) was there and he had *just* taken a muscle relaxer for a sore back when she called him that her water had broken, so he was tired..the staff got her all settled in and she told him to take a nap...so he did...and he snores. alot. kinda loud. I offered up my iced tea bottle for her to throw at his head, but she didn't..lol..

We sat around and talked...watched infomercials..Nancy Grace (wow that woman is abrasive..) then she was ready for the epi by 3...after she got that and was all settled in again, we came back in..bs'd more..watched the newer version of King King w/ the sound off..and let me say that movie SUCKS, out loud. it was much better w the sound off...tho we there was NO way to follow the story line. it had none.
the most surreal part of it was the T-rex's....WTF? how did T-rex's end up in a King Kong movie?? not just one, 2 and possibly 3 of them...
AND they must have an affinity for Skinny White Woman flesh coz they kept chasing her all over the island..I was thinking that there had to be more meaty prey on that island than her....
so then Kong decides he likes her..and he saved her from the T Rex's...
and eventually they came back for her and Kong killed them...not JUST killed them, but broke their jaws as he killed them..THAT was just gross..cool, but gross..
Needless to say, I wouldn't waste 2 hrs of my life to watch that movie w/ the sound on...but I bet the experience would be better if you were smoking a joint..lol..w/ the sound OFF that is..

OK, back to the labor! at about 5:30 she was feeling something, pressure or whatever, no pain, but the nurse came in...cathed her (I would have had a UTI in about 10 second from that!!) and realized she was ready to push!
SO they got the Dr from wherever Dr's go while waiting on deliveries, and got the party started!
They wouldnt allow 3 people to be there for the delivery, so Nicole oh so graciously allowed me to remain..I love her :) she is awesome...
so they got her all ready to go...broke the bed down, the mirror and lights ready..and she started pushing..it seriously took like 3 pushes and the last one was long b/c the DR allowed the baby's head to slowly ease out so she wouldn't tear..
Mark was a tad grossed out..lol..but I made sure he looked at the head coming out..
he made it thru the labor quite well..
Jonah Thomas was born at 5:57 am...6lbs 5 ozs and 20.5 inches long..
the after birth did Mark in..lol..he had to get some air..Nicole came back in and we all oooooo'd and ahhhh' over the bubba..he is so sweet...looks like his daddy! and has a TON of dark wavy hair..
he also has webbed toes! his second and third toes are webbed! its kinda weird, kinda cute!!
he nurses like a champ :)
Mamma Krista did so well and has a much deserved 2-3 day vaca at the hospital..

I so want to be a Doula, it is a dear dear wish of mine..someday..when my kids are older and more self sufficient...