Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A second blog

well, some of you may know that I deal w/ Major Depression..and if not, now you do :)
I am starting a blog about my will have my ramblings about my bad days, how I deal w/ myself and just generally how much it sux sometimes to be depressed...
I am going to have it private tho since it is sensitive subject matter..
let me know if you are interested in reading it or following..

A LOT of people deal w/ depression and if I can help a few, or a few can help me ;) I'd be happy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


it is friggin COLD 7*...WTF is that?? I am SO over freezing my arse off...srsly.

I did NOT successfully fight off the cold I started getting last week..I ignored the sore throat, that was my fatal error. that and Giant Eagle was out of Airborne..TOTALLY out. they have THREE rows of empty spaces...I was not amused...I did however get it from RiteAid the next day..and they were over I took it and i think I managed to shorten it...however, I managed to get pink eye, viral I believe. which is something that comes along w. head colds..FUN fun over here.. I am lucky enough to have some left over eye drops from one of the kids bouts w/ pink eye and it seems to help...

Me and my friend Nicole were talking about drinking games...and came up w/ a good one for Grey's Anatomy....every time Meredith says 'Seriously!?!'(or anyone for that matter) you take a drunk would you get?? REALLY blasted.

We had a baby shower for 2 of our friends saturday...and I had a Chocloate Martini at 3 pm...heee...
Our baby showers always involve booze for those not pregnant...and lots of fun gifts!
here is a picture for ya!

I'm 4th from the left..

I managed to squeeze myself into a size smaller jeans..and tho I felt like denim encased sausage, I was assured I looked fine...

Gavin puked his brains out saturday night, AT his friends house...ugh..I felt horrible..Del was there, and the lid was down on the toilet..need I say more? and then he yakked on the porch going to the car...he didn't yak yesterday or sunday, but this morning he was up at 5:45 in the bathroom and he wasn't puking..struggling w/ sending him to school or taking him w/ me to work..since i am the only one there to open, I have little choice..and I have an appt today!
If he was puking/feverish severly contagious, I would most certainly stay home w/ him...ugh.
ya know, I have unlimited time wed, thur fri to be home, but no one ever gets sick then..

I also slammed my finger in my station at work...ours are pretty cool, the sink is integrated w. the styling station and you lift up the counter top to use it..well, I was lowering it yesterday and my pink got caught and severely finger nail has a purple line across it and HURTS. alot.

OK off to shower and decide on Gav's fate for the day....

check out Keely @ the Un-Mom for more random..but be sure to slip on some latex gloves first...she has the sickies over there too...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sort of?)

god knows I can't do anything wordlessly...I have to yammer on about something..
This is what happens when my 9 year old gets ahold of my digital camera..
mind you this is the boy who won't speak to people he isn't used to, which means almost

and yes, that IS his brother butt...I deleted the ones of the dogs butt..*sigh*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


monday was sucky. didn't sleep well sunday night. couldn't fall asleep, then woke up repeatedly. got roughly 5 hrs of sleep. ick.

coffee good. want to mainline.

have to pee. damn coffee...still want mainline.

the husband got a ticket last night, for blowing a red light, he is always cautious when he drives, so much so I think he drives like an old lady...and the one time he trails a car thru a red light in a LONG time, he gets caught. 109 bucks. ick. no points however.

I will finish my randomness later..have worky to do fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wordless Valentines Day

Friday, February 13, 2009

Foto Friday- gardens past

These are some pics of my garden flowers in the last few years..I am SO itchy for spring...
as you can see, I love sunflowers...I plan on planting bunch this year in the back yard, and in the front yard again..
The gold finches LOVE the seed heads...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What my kids have broken edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ok, so I have boys therefore I have surrendered myself to chaos, messes, LOUD voices, cuts bruises and broken things...I am one w/ the testosterone...(insert *ohm* here)
But lemme tell ya...they broke a window last night, in the big boys room...after they were TOLD to tone to knock off whatever wrestling competition they had going on...I was letting the dog out when I heard the smash of glass from above..and then heard the explosive rant from the Dad..ooooo boy....that was ugly...
The story we were given (I say story because I am not sure this is how it transpired..I have my doubts..there were some glances and looks exchanged that led me to not believe them...we shall see..I bought the tickets for the guilt trip last night...i'll let you know how they like it...) was that they were wrestling and Gavin's head was what made the glass shatter coz he tripped and ran into the window w/ it...
Gav has no cuts, no bumps or anything else that was suspect..
Now these windows are 80+ years old, so it is possible that he could have caused it to shatter by a simple bump..
but it had some force behind it...I dunno..
We will be getting a new pane of glass to replace that one..
Del is insistant that they pay for it themselves..and I won't be a ton of money..uner 20 I am sure..
and they will assist him in installing said glass...
just like they cleaned up the floor to get any stray shards...

What else have my children broken?
Why THREE other windows in various manners..
one in the big boys room, that was only a crack tho..
and 2 storm door windows..both while screwing around..
Oh I am sorry, make that FIVE windows total...D broke a window on our porch a few summers ago by flinging a baseball bat and it randomly hit the window...

My god, I have my own wrecking crew. WTF?
maybe I should hire them out...

Dannion has had 2 broken arms....
Gav has had stitches...

It is simply amazing the chaos my children have caused...the wet floors (& dripping ceilings!)in the bathroom from bathing gone awry, the mud tracked in from outside, the wet windows outside from battles with the hose...

I know me and my sister never made this much mess. ever.
We didn't break shit or break ourselves...

HOW on earth did my grandmother do it w/ 9 kids? HOW??

Also, along the same lines of 9 kids..
WTF is up w/ the octuplets??
She has 6 other kids, and EVERY day there is a new twist to the tale..
She swore she wasn't getting assisatnce, yet she is getting food stamps, and 3 of her kids get disability...
Her mother, my goodness, she was pretty loose lipped about the whole thing......wonder if that had anything to do with how her daughter turned out...
I hope those babies end up OK, they are simply adorable..
and the fertility Dr?? sounds fishy to me there...
and she has a PUBLICIST!!! OMG! and is feilding book deals and TV show offers...way to make a living from your kids..
seems pretty convienient...

It is going to be 60* here today...w00t!

OK, I am going to shower and get ready for work (I can so do my hair at work! heh I love that!!)
I have 3 manicures today...yehawww!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupidity at school

Ok, so I drop Gavin off at school, mostly coz I wanna avoid Ms Crazy and partly coz I am lazy in the morning and would rather take him than get to the bus on time..heh..
Now, if you get there while the buses are dropping off, you have to go to the back parking lot, and the kids go in a back door to go to class..OK fine..
Now, it is a semi circle to drop them off, turn left into lot, drop kid off at door, leave lot, turn right..
Sounds SO simple..
SO not simple...
I swear to GOD every day there is at least 2-3 people who STOP their car, PARK it and WALK the kid up to the door, mind you they do NOT use a parking space..they STOP RIGHT IN THE DRIVING LANE.
can you go around?
sometimes..but mostly no.
To be fair there are THINKING parents who will actually park in a space, and walk the kids up..fine, no big...whatever floats your boat..
I cannot tell you how many times these dumb asses have caused a major back up on the road behind the school...(it is a campus style so it isn't a real *road* but still, irritating when you wanna get the hell out of the lot!)
It is astounding..really astounding..
and there is ALWAYS one woman who does it..the same one, and I see her more often than not..I do NOT understand why she can't park in a space and just walk a tad further...
It just irritates me to NO end..makes me wanna bang my head off the steering wheel..

What irritates you dear readers??

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lazy one!

OK, so we all know *someone* in the relationship is lazier than the other...could be just a little, could be a LOT..
who is it in yours?

In ours, I am more on the lazy side by and large...maybe it should be called more 'lax'..
Del is very very fastidious in many ways..he is neat by nature (I am most certainly NOT) and that I think makes him more apt to be a go getter and get moving faster on projects( and actually finish them! I am notorious for not finishing things..)
I on the other hand am much better at cooking than he..I can get better deals...on anything really..
I tend to look at things much more positively than he..

how does it work for you all?

This was sparked by comments & a post at Her Bad Mother

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Random Tuesday!!! YAY!

Its time for another edition of my Random Tuesday Thoughts!!

1- I saw a hawk of some kind today at work..he was poking around a shrub, I assume, looking for a small animal to nab...he was so pretty!
BUT I did yell at him to go find somewhere else to eat, as I didn't want to witness the demise of a smaller bird, or a rodent of some kind...he ignored

2-my voice is STILL jacked up from the SuperBowl..heh..sounds like I have laryngitis..the parade is on TV today...which leads me to..


OK, got that out of my system!!

4- little boys are SO damn noisy...urgh...and the ones here, aren't listening...locking them in a basement is appropriate parenting right?? RIGHT!?!??!? (tell me it is coz i don't wanna let them out..)

5- I am very very VERY over winter. very. Snow is pretty, yada yada..but I am just DYING for spring...I need my gardening fix..hehe..

6- I get to take a trip to the DMV this week I have to get my DL picture taken for my new license..and I make sure I get a GOOD picture..I have to live with it for 4 years, so I look damn good in it..

7- see number 3 :)

8- I LOVE love love Cucumber ranch dressing. srsly. alot. I dip almost everything in it...

9-My kids have WAY too many racing video games..I mean way too many. I bet they have for the gameboys/DS systems.
I find them soooo boring..but at least it keeps em out of my hair!! heh..

10- DRIVING annoyance..I absolutely HATE it when peeps don't use their TURN SIGNAL.
WTF am I a mind reader???? dude, it is so not hard to do..flick the little thingie beside your steering wheel, and VOILA, the drivers behind you know which way you are turning..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


the first team EVER to WIN SIX SUPERBOWLS!

and holy shit was that a nail biter!


ETA monday morning-

Omg, my voice is so trashed...seriously.
Kudos to the Cards for making it as far as they did, and I do know the pain of defeat (superbowl 30 in 95..that sucked ass) it is stomach rolling , avoid ALL NFL news kind of pain...
GO Steelers. Srsly.
We are the FIRST team EVER to have won 6 Superbowl..we were the first to have 4..
We are still a history making team.
The games are always ugly, we fight, scramble and scrape to win..
it makes us fans yell at the TV, leave the room and PRAY to god for a win...
we also cheer, wave our Terrible Towels and scream like complete fools..
I was seriously PRAYING the Lords Prayer during those last 2 minutes. for real.
I took down the Steelers flag Del hung outside coz we have never had it out for any of the other games...
did those things help us win?
I like to think so...heh..

What a WAY to start a week...


OK, so I am a die hard fan..since forever..
I am SO DAMN EXCITED for this game..and so damn nervous, since we are favored, which so can be a bad thing for the black & gold..
and if we WIN (my GOD please) we will be the FIRST TEAM ever. EVER to win 6 superbowls..
and since I know the sting of defeat (ahem superbowl 30..) I am PRAYING to all of the sports gods & the Steelers god (and I know the Big Guy is a Steelers fan..I mean really, how could he not be!?)
for us to WIN THIS. we so deserve it..we have listened to SO many announcers and analysts trash us game after game, year after year...we have GOT to win this..
we deserve it..really, we do...


You can DO it guys, I know it!!