Friday, October 31, 2008

My life is TORTURE

OMFG...not only do I ALWAYS lose the neighbor lottery (never fails, I always live beside a freak of some is ridiculous!)
BUT they AlWAYS insist on being my FRIEND...or in THIS case my HUSBANDS friend..
The Spawn & his father are going trick or treating w/ us tonight.I want to cry, fall on the ground & CRY...kick, scream..throw things and bite someone.....ugh.
and of COURSE how the fuck do you say NO....I want to KILL my husband for being this guys friend..honest to GOD...
so now I get to deal with the Spawn's vacant looks..blatant not listening to his Dad..generally being an annoying little fucking brat.
I know, that sounds SO mean..but this kid drives me bonkers.
I am taking booze on this walk around
I will update w/ a hopefully quick and painless story...ugh..

Friday, October 24, 2008

NEW TV shows & watching them online

OK, so I am admittedly a Sci-Fi geek..I LOVE Star Trek:TNG (Make it so Number that line..)
I LOVE vampire stories (ala Stephanie Myers & Laurell K Hamilton )
I love time travel stories of any kind...LOVE them.
I also like prehistoric fiction (yes, very obscure...think Jean Auel )
This leads me to 2 TV shows I am currently addicted to (OK 3..)
True Blood on HBO..a reality where vampires are a 'race class' unto themselves and are able to go 'mainstream' (IE not drinking people blood) by the invention of a blood substitute called, Tru Blood (and it comes in different flavors, erm..TYPES, like O, A that)
AND it has some freaking awesome sex scenes..heh..

ALSO on the network TV front, I just started watching Life on Mars on ABC
basically, it is about a cop who gets hit by a car, and wakes up in about culture shock..I so dig the conceptof WHY he is there..and IF he is there...
and what is he supposed to do there?
Is it real? or is his 2008 life the fantasy.. *ohm* there is a mind clearing question...
I have also enjoyed learning more about the 1970's, the decade I was born in...the music is much better than I have ever been led to believe..

AND , now this is one me and the kids enjoy...
Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles
the time travel sucked me in, and the story has me is an awesomely imaginative series...and it has some kick ass fights in it..coz lets face it..we all love some kick ass action!!

NOW where can you watch the last episodes??
This frikking can even watch the H.B.O shows it.

What shows are you currently addicted to??
any you recommend??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The silly dog of mine

OK so this dog is pretty fun..we got him from a local rescue 3 yrs ago...his name is Zoe (why, we don't know..he is a HE for sure..but it fits him..) he is a german shep terrier mix..just an awesome dog..maybe not that bright sometimes..lmao..but he is a wonderful fit for our family..
WELL one of his favorite past-times is to lay in the sun in my eldest sons can find him up there on ANY sunny day at all..basking..
the funny part is that he will lay in the sun for so long, he starts PANTING..I told him I wouldn't be surprised if he gave himself heat
I managed to snap a pic of him he lays in the sun..
PS excuse my fat old lady arms..ICK.

What I realized in therapy

so I was in my weekly(!) therapy yesterday and as I am talking about my week, the subject rolled around to my families history of mental illness.
I realized that I have 4 relatives that have been hospitalized for mom's uncle, an aunt & a cousin....this does not include any stints in rehab, of which I have 3 more relatives who have done that.
THAT is frightening.
My mom's dad was was one of her uncles..
I mean I know that my family history is peppered with mental illness and addictions..on BOTH sides..but I never realized how bad it is..
It is SCARY.
I know I have a DX of Major is a nasty nasty thing that is quite obviously genetic..I am currently medicated & am in a remission..thank god. I just never quite REALLY 'got' the scope of my genetic probability of having a mental illness...I think I never had a prayer to NOT have one.
I also have addictions running rampant in my family tree..
alcoholics on BOTH sides, bad.
Rehab bad & some who have QUIT drinking all together..we are talking 2 generations deep...
My mother broke the cycle w/ her & passed that onto my sister and I. Neither one of us have any inclination to be an alcoholic...thanks Mom.
I worry for my kids because Del's side of the family has addictions as well. I pray that Del & I have broken that cycle and that we can not pass on the behavior to the kids...I think we have.
I know we have stopped the cycle of dysfunction that we witnessed as children (my parents being divorced since I was 2, his being in a shitty marriage & dysfunctional grandparents marriages as well...we saw few healthy relationships in our lives..)

I wonder how abnormal my family tree is...anyone else have some loonies tucked back in the corners of their family tree???
I can say loonies, since I am one..
I am just glad I know it & I have the resources to keep my mind healthy!!
Depression is NASTY & I hope to GOD that if you have never had it, you never do.
Its like being in a black pit of despair.
I always likened it to being in a hole, just deep enough to be able to reach the edge, & when you do grab onto the edge, and try to hoist yourself out, the dirt under your hand you try again, and it crumbles..and that is what keeps happening no matter where you you can NEVER climb out..
simply put, it is HELL on earth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

painting my bathroom

freaking 2 years after remodeling it..i have had the colors for almost a shameful..
but we ended up having to tear down an old plaster wall we didn't expect to have to tear down..we have the door freshly painted and the new drywall up and all it needs is one more coat of mud and sanded..
HERE is my shower curtain

and these are the colors I am using, per sherwin williams paint chooser..the wall behind my mirror is going to be the dark brown (I am doing a stippling faux technique so it isn't such a solid color..)
the rest will be the halcyon green..
I am so damn excited to finish this I can't stand it

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why vote for the lesser of 2 evils..

when you can vote for THE evil!
I so want to find a bumper sticker for my car...considering the pool of peeps to vote for this election year...this is very appropriate
check out my link for a better explanation ;)
and remember- vote for the MOST evil (rofl)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palins Facebook!

Found this at Mike's Notes & he found it at Holy Taco
check out the comments..hil-freaking-arious

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult ADD

yeah, when I say my 'ADD addled brain' I SO mean it..
I have been gtreated in the past for it w/ Adderall (sent from the GODS I say) and Ritalin (sent by someone who cares i.e. not as good as Adderall..but good)
SO today I was filling my pill box for the week, I added my cymbalta and then what I thought was my diuretic..then I took said pills for today...the diuretic tasted I look at the bottle and saw that it was my old RX for RITALIN (I stopped taking both Adderall and Ritalin b/c of my blood pressure..)
I am out of my diuretic and mistook my old Ritalin for it..
so this means 2 things..
1- I have to stop after work to get my script filled for the diuretic
2- I REALLY need to start taking something for my ADD again..I feel FANTABULOUS
my brain is working so much clearer and I am moving faster...
you never know how abnormal you are until you feel normal my case, it is so painfully obvious...

Monday, October 6, 2008

totally looks like!

OK back from my self imposed
and back with a FUNNY!
check this OUT..I almost peed my pants when I saw this!

Amy Winehouse Keith Richards
see famous look-a-like faces