Friday, September 26, 2008

New do!

So, I went into work to get my hair highlighted w/ my funky red highlights...and while my co-worker Kelly was drying me, she said ya know, I wanna do an inverted bob on your hair..I said OK..lmao..
and so she did!
it doesn't look that diff from the front, but the side angle is awesome!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fun little quiz

Got this from Keely @ Un-Mom

I could survive for 54 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Thank you Captain Obvious

if THIS isn't the biggest "well DUH" in
Clay Aiken is GAY..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sushi- the outcome

OK so we went, and it was YUMMY!!!
We got Spicy Tuna Rolls..even the KIDS Loved them.
I am so getting it again!

I heart..

Lemon Lavender scent from Yankee Candle.
it just smells SO.GOOD.
what is your favorite candle scent?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sushi anyone?

SO we are going to go to a local Japanese steak house tonight for dinner, and as I was perusing their menu online, I saw that they have SUSHI!
I have never had GOOD sushi (the one time I did try it was in a Chinese buffet..yeah..not such a good idea..I.c.k.y)
and I have heard to many peeps rave about it..I want to try it!!!

any advice on what to try or what to steer clear of?

Friday, September 19, 2008

baby pictures

well, Nadine is home and baby Brandon is w/ his mommy and daddy tonight.
She is doing amazingly well & so is her 6 year old.
I have pictures of him and his parents..
they are wonderful, beautiful people and are SO grateful to Nadine for allowing them to be parents.
They bought her a ring w/ a sapphire in it (Septembers birthstone) so she will always remember her son.
and they will be keeping in contact w/ Nadine and her son so he knows his brother is well taken care of. They are so sensitive to the situation, it is amazing.
for your viewing pleasure, one of the cutest babies I have seen and his new family...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The story of my best friend and I

I have had my best friend Nadine since we were in grade school...
prolly 3rd grade..
we have always been close..
her family is my adopted family..i love them :)

When she was 17, she ended up pregnant..her first time even..and she hid it from her mom and dad for 5-6 months..when she did tell was quite the scandal and no one outside of her household knew..not even her grandparents..
once, her gramma came to visit unexpectedly, and we had to camouflage her 8 months pregnant belly w/ a laundry basket filled w/ totally
She decided to place him up for adoption..found a nice family(a presby preacher who had interestingly enough, had adopted the daughter of a friend of ours...) locally.
when she delivered Michael, I was there.
I cried w/ her when she relinquished him, I watched her suffer silently, missing her baby boy for months..all the while she insisted that she was OK, which she was, she knew he had to be given was just not possible financially to keep him.
And we were hard to raise a baby at that age..when you are still babies yourselves.
But I knew she was hurting more than she let on..she slept w/ his hospital blanket for months, breathing in the smell of him, to comfort her aching heart.

Life moved on, she healed(mostly) and we grew up..
she lived w/ Del and I in SLC utah for a bit, that ended badly, and we didn't speak for a few years..we lost touch since Del & I moved back to Pa..and she joined the Job Corps and experienced life in a way I never will..she fought wildfires, learned to her GED..and lived alone & away from anyone she knew.

I saw her mom 3 yrs later, and asked after Nadine...mummy(as I call her) arranged for us to meet, heal our old wounds, and we became as tight as ever.
I even gave back to her a bag of her belongings I carried w/ me from place to place since we left Utah.
She was amazed that I had kept it all.
I told her that I knew we would find each other again.
One thing I have always told her is that if reincarnation does exist, that we have ALWAYS been in each others lives. always.
It is like we have known each other for lifetimes, we know each other THAT well.
We kept in sporadic contact over the years, since I lived in Harrisburg & her in Western Pa.
we went out when I was home visiting and talked regularly.
Then her and her family moved to North Dakota.
We talked off and on but I was raising a family & she was working the hours of a single woman so we didn't get to talk much.
She met a man she loved, they had a son & we talked regularly after that.
sharing the ups and downs of motherhood and relationships.

2 yrs ago, her relationship began to fall apart..he was not sleeping w her in bed..he was out all hours..just didn't seem right. While she was content to be home w/ her son and the boy she raised from 3 yrs old (her BF's son- and her son as well as far as she in concerned)
Well, the worst thing ever happened and she discovered he was cheating on her..and not only that, but for TWO years.
She was totally ruined her self esteem and she basically had a mental breakdown, over a period of time.
She eventually healed enough to be functional, but it was a long hard road, fraught with many relapses and tears.
She almost lost her son to his father..and finally she got him back...and thought she had her man back too..but alas, that was not the case.
THEN she came up pregnant to this man, again.
He doesn't want her to keep it, he pressures her to keep her mouth shut and have an abortion.
She refuses and decided to give him up for adoption.
This morning after a high risk pregnancy and many worries, she delivered a healthy 7 lb son.
His new family is there, fawning over him , ecstatic to have a baby when they cannot have one themselves.
She knows she has to do this, and has made her peace with this.
BUT, I know she is going to be hurting so badly.

Keep her in your thoughts today.
I wish I could be there, but it is not in the cards right now.
SO I will do what I have done for the past 2 years, talk to her, listen to her tears and love her w/ all my heart.
It will have to be enough.

This is us 2 yrs ago when she came to visit

THIS is us in Highschool

This is us last year when we went to visit her

Monday, September 15, 2008


AHHH! Thanks so much ! I am excited! this is my first!
HoneyWine gave this to me today! YAY!
I will be passing it along as directed!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

another victim of my ADD

yes folks, I changed my template and layout AGAIN..
my attention span is so sh--oh look SHINY things!!

How do you say asshole in chinese?

Yeah, I'd like to know what it sounds like..coz I pretty sure I got called that when I got chinese take out last night..
Del always gets the same thing..kung-pau chicken...always.
for some ungodly reason,last night I circled on the menu...GENERAL TSO's chicken..not even remotely the same,not even in the same section..
The lady was nice enough to allow me to reorder the right item, but gawd..I felt like such a dork...I was sure I had ordered the right item..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just spent 30 minutes on the LOL Cats site..OMG it is so funny...
more animals

My theory on natural selection

OK so we know Natural Selection weeds out the weak and/or stupid people in the world..stupid people do stupid things, and therefore their stupid genes don't get passed on b/c stupidity kills.
WELL, this all went awry with Ugh and Ogh..cavemen.
Ugh was the smarter of the 2
Ogh was the dumbass..
Ugh became fond of Ogh for whatever reason (hey- stupidity is amusing to the rest of us..)
One day Ogh was going to go club a sabertooth for dinner, he went about it stupidly however(took a club instead of an arrow. for instance), and was very close to being the saber tooths dinner
Ugh felt badly for him, and his conciseness got the best of him and he had to go save him from being sabertooth kibble.
And this, Ogh lived to procreate.
Every stupid person in the universe is related to Ogh.

Ugh cared too much.
Which is why we STILL have stupid people.
No one lets them fuck up and die like they should.

next time you see someone stupid doing something us all a favor..walk away ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well, F*ck me purple

OK, so let me say I am ALWAYS In need of health insurance..especially mental health..I am in WEEKLY therapy..I *need* life was almost completely down the toilet before I realized this..
Second, I am also on meds for my mental health...have been for 6 years..and will be prolly for the rest of my life..just how it is for me..
Now, we ALL know how horrid the health care industry is to deal with..the cost is CRAZY to the nth degree. WELL, my husbands company has been trying desperately (as have been many others) to keep this cost down..and they have had to switch companies every year to keep the costs affordable..
WELL... this year the picked Aetna, which apparently my Dr does NOT accept..My Dr rocks the house..she is awesome and I am NOT going to switch. period.
SO, now I have decided that we are going to seek out our own health insurance..I am sick of switching and being at the mercy of whatever crappy insurance they pick up..
THIS is so not going to be fun. I have NO idea what to look for, how to choose..ugh..this sucks hairy donkey wish me luck..and please, send any information you may have this way ;) I am most assuredly going to need it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun filled day w/ the family

went to a local amusement park w/ my sister and the family..her company pays for 2 tickets outright, and then offers a decent discount on the rest, so we got lunch & all for the price of 25 a ticket..not too bad..and the Big Boy took a friend..
which was nice, because we could send them off to a ride they wanted to ride and we didn't and not was FUN..

We rode the Phantoms Revenge (more info here ), the Jack Rabbit & the Racer..Gav was STILL not tall enough for the thunderbolt...which was a bummer since it is one of my the older kids went on it alone..and we went on the PitFall which was WICKEDLY fun...I screamed like a 6 YO
the SwingShot was also fun (this is on the same link and the PitFall..scroll around you will find it)
Oddly, I am terrified of heights(well, of falling..and but I LOVE roller coasters and scary rides..granted, I ride w/ my eyes closed most of the time..lmao..but the sensations are awesome..
Oh and the Aero 360 which goes TOTALLY upside down...the big boys chickend OUT completely..hehe..

Gav rode EVERYTHING we did and was not scared..he surprises me sometimes..of course, this is the SAME child that as an an infant, would not cry till the second or 3rd shot at his DR fits in w/ his personaility completely..

all in all a GREAT I am TIRED, my feet are sore, and my throat hurts from all the childlike screaming..hehe..

but it was way fun!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

hot water heater blues

What a way to start a day...try to take a shower, and get in, water is I crank it up, still cold, turn it ALL the way to hot, nada...
SO I call the husband, he says prolly the pilot light went out...he said you can light it again or wait for me..and knowing me, and my propensity for making accidents happen...I opted to no need to explode the whole neighborhood...
so here I sit, unwashed and wanting to shower...I may brave a cold shower, but maybe not
It is DAMN hot outside..I turned on the AC after not needing it for a few days...blessed sweet I love thee...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Political Funny

borrowed from Ann(ie) at Life is short, Partake in Happy Hour
It is a video, but well worth here

I frikkin love it..hehehe


been a boring
had work, kids had football..sunday we visited my mom and then my gramma..Monday we hung around home..cooked out, roasted marshmallows..nothing exciting...

I am SO SO glad school has started again..well, sort of..6:30 am wake up sucks ass..but the 6th grader is getting more used to I may not have to get up that early anymore..w00t!
i have QUIET and it is SO much easier to get ONE kid at a time ready for school...

Oh..OK here is something for you all..
so you know how there are silly state slogans..
(listed here )
WELL, Pennsylvania is SO stupid..'cook with coal'??
I mean come on..just plain STOOPID..
WHY can't we have a funny one?
Like Wyoming-
Wyoming: Where Men Are Men. and the sheep are scared!"
New Jersey "You Want A ##$%##! Motto? I Got Yer ##$%##! Motto Right Here!

SO as I was driving to visit gramma and mom, I noticed something..we have MORE roadkill than I have EVER seen in my LIFE. seriously.
I think we -passed a dozen + different splatted animals..from raccoons to deer(blech)
so I say PA should be
'The Roadkill State- you kill 'em we grill 'em.'

ANYTHING is better than COOK w/ Coal??? come on..LAME LAME LAME