Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things that make me happy

I was inspired by Brooke at Martini's aren't just for breakfast anymore!to list things that make me happy!!!

1 sleeping in- always good
2 butterflies...
3 good coffee
4 seeing a dog riding in a car w/ his head out the KNOW He is HAPPY
5 lightening bugs- how could they NOT make you happy
6 maraschino cherries right out of the jar-yum.
7 getting carded when buying booze/cigs (hey, when you are 33..that makes you
8 'volunteer' plants in the garden
9 downloading FREE music (drag me off to jail
10 reruns of the Golden Girls ( ALWAYS makes me laugh..and it is a 20 year old sitcom..its classic)
I am sure there are more, but this is 10 off the top of my head

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The car situation

OK so yesterday I noticed that the VW Passat wagon we were extended test driving (gotta love having a neighbor who is getting into car sales!!) was a tad noisier..THEN it was downright loud..well, when I went in tonight to talk numbers w/ this dealership, I told him and he took it to be checked..and it is some silly part between the manifold pipe from the engine and the catalytic converter that came loose (the original weld broke..)
SO he does some prelim research and there are 2 options for repair...
Option 1- The mechanic may be able to weld it back together, costing next to nothing..
Option 2- the specific part that came loose is NOT something you can purchase alone..the part that it is attached to costs 1,000(!!!)
which effectively blows our whole deal OUT of the water coz no way am I ponying up another grand for this car...
SO..we shall see..
It is a super nice car...BUT I can't pay that much more for it..
I have a Santa Fe I can look at this weekend from a private owner..which I SO are so awesome..but this VW is nice as HELL..borders on a luxury vehicle..
I HATE buying CARS..hate it..
it just sucks..

HELP! Finding Blog Layouts

I am just going nuts trying to find a cute blog layout..any suggestions?
I like the 3 column style..I don't like stuff all crammed together...and it has to be cute...
thanks for any help

The boys and football

so the boys started football yesterday...
I watched about 30 minutes worth of practice..and let me say, in Gavin's age group (8-9) watching those coaches direct the children was was like watching someone trying to herd chipmunks..
They were trying to teach them plays...which always confuses me..but then again, I am a girl..and well, that stuff is just beyond me sometimes...
Mostly they just did physical drills..he he..they ran and ran and ran some more!!
they practiced tossing a football between 2 players..
Dannion is in the 11-12 YO team...he actually had some grass stuck on his I daresay his practice was a little more intense..
but they both enjoyed themselves...but they were drenched in sweat..OMG....right into the shower with them!
I will get some pictures today..

and when they are all on the field-you CANNOT tell them apart...I am thinking pink socks on mine to tell them apart..lmao...they were NOT thrilled w/ that suggestion...hehehe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ya don't say

WELL, I'll be damned...turns out the reg card we had is in fact the CURRENT one..he was reading the effective date, NOT the expire date..dumb ass...

This is just one example of his inability to change behaviors..
and lord knows he can't says he's sorry for yelling at me for something that I never did wrong...he proceeds to tell me that it is STILL my fault for how messy the van is..WTF ever...

This makes me question why I am still I love him...yea..does he have some seriously shitty habits? fuck yeah..
now I get to look like an asshole when I go to the dealership

Monday, July 28, 2008

How my monday was from HELL

OK so we are trying to buy a has been a long hard road to come to that..tho I am ever glad to be rid of my ghetto blaster van..(AC hasn't worked in 4 years! window switches work as they see fit and it just sucks..)
so we find one, thanks to our neighbor who just started at car sales..we have been able to extensively test drive a VW Passat is awesome..I really wanted a Hyundai Santa Fe..but this is a NICE car..and it gives you a blow by blow on how many miles per gallon you are burning in is something I can see myself being addicted to..
anywho, so we decide we need to dig out the title for the van last night,.well it was late and decided to wait and look in the I do..and I can NOT find it. fact I can't find the entire envelope of important documents...both boys birth certificates..OUR birth certificates and our marriage license..(OH the implications and the SS cards for us all and the VAN title..
I know I just saw it in the last few months..we had it out for some reason..and apparently it was never put back..
SO I spent ALL day at work distracted..thinking of where it could be...wondering how we would get a copy if I couldn't find it..thinking how irritated I am and how irritated del would be..
so I come home and SCOUR every square inch of the house it could possibly be...NO dice..I looked 3 and 4 times in the same places..NADA..
I am SO pissed..

add into this the boys are signing up for football, first time, and i have to track down someone to find out if they got the papers and if they can still play...they can, great..I spend an hour and a half getting them fitted for gear and uniforms and talking to coaches..fine..all done..come home to a cranky husband who wants to know WHY the registration is NOT in the car like it is supposed to me..WTF? If I knew, it would be THERE he helps me none..
I find old registration cards, but not new..he insists we need the current one to take to the dealership so they can take it in as a trade..


OK fine..
I print out all the forms needed to get a new title and reg to talk to the Neighbor and he says "all we need is an old card...we can get a new title for you no problem'
at that very moment, I wanted to THROTTLE my ever so loving husband. HARD.
My suggestion of just taking the van down to have him tell us how much it is worth in trade would have yeilded PROGRESS in the whole car ordeal..
I am just beside myself..

and then he is going back to Erie tomorrow for work, OK it is up to me to finish this deal..oye vey..

I am SO stressed..

what if I eff something up?

I feel like I am being set up somehow...and I don't like hope to GOD I can do this one my own and make a good deal out of it all..

I need a freaking VAT of wine to relax me now and I am fairly sure my head was close to exploding today...

This house looks like a tornado went thru it..paper piles everywhere..NOTHING was cleaned...well, I did do dishes....god help me..
I guess the bright spot is that I will sort out some junk papers and be able to reorganized..but somehow I hate being forced into it...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

euphemisms for genitalia

OK so my boys are 11 and 8...and typical BOYS..oye vey..are they ever
well, the other day we were driving to a friends house and all of a sudden Gav (8) says, as we are passing a certain point, that is where I fell and hurt my dollar and 2 quarters..
thank GOD I was going slow coz I almost wrecked laughing..(after I of course said in a motherly tone 'THAT is not nice to say Gav' *snicker*)
can I FALL down and laugh as if I am having a seizure???
I have also heard them call it their 'cranberries' and twig and 2 nuts..etc and so forth..

and I WONDER why I have 30% gray hair..

god bless hair color..

adventures in home improvement

SO we decided we need to repaint the back porch..the original plan was to get a pressure washer and blow said loose paint off w/ water..BUT it seems that it may have been too damaging to the wood, so the guy at the rental store suggested a floor sander..nowhere near as fun as spraying water around in late july..unless you count the SWEAT pouring off my face as water...
OMG that thing is heavy and it is HUMID out there...I mucked my glasses all up just doing a 4x10 foot section of the porch floor...they had sweat POOLED in was gross...

BUT, it is pretty satisfying...seeing 12 layers of paint come off in 4 passes w/ the sander...and we found out that the flooring on the porch is entirely tongue and groove..not one nail in it....

I will take some pictures of before and after

Friday, July 25, 2008


My first blog post!
lets see how it looks