Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yes, it's tuesday again! woooo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I heart Margaritas, and Mexican foods of all kinds..guess I need to get some margarita mix for tonight...lol..I love margaritas..the plain green ones are my fave....and I think we will have Tacos for dinner...

Does any one else watch Good Morning America? We always end up on that channel in the morning, and it always makes us laugh...I have to say I love RobinRoberts...and I have a theory about her...I think she is g.ay. srsly. I have NO problem w/ anyones sexuality..for real...whatever floats your boat...but I just have this feeling that she is..now my GayDar is notoriously busted...so I could be wrong..anyone else care to offer an opinion on this??

Has anyone seen the Denny's commercials w/ the taking robot?
dude. always makes me laugh..especially the ones about the timer..enjoy the clip

I had to clean my laptop out..I had to unscrew the the back and spray it w canned air..O.M.G the DUST in that bad boy...it was badddddddd....dust, and hair and even DUST BUNNIES. the fan wasn't working right it was so bad...guess I need to do that once every few months..

My 12 year old is now using AXE body spray and body wash...on one hand I am glad he is using soap in the shower and wants to smell nice, on the other hand I am scared...

school is out in less than a month. hold me.

The gardening geek in me has a new project, the rest of my her garden..I have the grass clods in piles, I planted some lettuce seeds...now for the weed block and the mulch..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Kitten my children found

SO, it is no secret that I am an animal lover, so are my kids, and Del is NOT so much...
I would have a damn zoo if it wasn't for him..lol.. good or bad? you decide..

I am a sucker for a stray...I feed them and care for them outside of my house, on the back porch...
I have fed at this house alone, 4 stray cats...2 of which have found homes, one of which was w/ my sister (much to her chagrin...heh..my BIL loves cats...her, not really...)
This kitten makes 5..
it is a BABY..*maybe* 3 months old, if that...
it seems slightly stymied by the small bits of dog food I gave it..when I wet it w/ water, that worked like a charm :)
it is teething, little shit bit me..lol..razor blade teeth it has!
not to mention glass shard nails!

The boys are totally taken by this sweet little girl..Dannion tried to have her stay in the house last night, she slept w/ him for about an hr, then escaped the room, and hid in the spare room..I had to sneak out (mind you Del is home by this time..asleep in bed, and had NO clue there was a cat in the house..lmao..I am an evil genius...) if my bed, and find the kitty, at which time I made an executive decision and put the cat on the back porch w/ food and an old shirt to sleep on...
she was quite happy and still on our porch when we woke up...
she is BAD.
likes to bite your fingers...walk on the back of the couch..has NO food manners..she tried to make my pork sandwich from lunch and make it hers..and no amount of pushing her away made a difference...

and the DOG...well, my pansy assed dog is AFRAID of this little kitten..
might have something to do w. the fact that she was a HISSING spitting ball of fur when she saw Zoe..and he decided he wanted NO parts of that shit...so he stood about 3 feet away and barked at it...and the cat growled at him...and the vicious cycle went on and on till I shut the damn dog up...

I know we won't get to keep her, but I am going to find a no kill shelter to take her to...or perhaps my sister will take her home..(hahaha..a girl can dream...)

I will enjoy my time w/ a little kitty while I can!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts...im baccccckkkkk..yay!


Yay! i'm back babay!
Had a horrendously busy easter, then a busy week, and a busier week..and well, I am finally back...yay!
I hope someone missed me... ;)

My sister turned 29 on the 21st..so this past weekend we went out..let me say I am SO glad i'm not young & stupid..lol.. we went to 2 bars...and saw some seriously skank-alicious chicks..
I also saw some bad fake boobs (and she was showing them off ..oye vey...) a shit load of bar dancers (you know those chicks, the ones that get on the bar after 12 too many drinks..) and a CHICK fight...that was freaking awesome...
ALSO one HOT friggin bartender...wwooo baby...was he hot...
so I spent the night at my sisters..coz 1 am is too late to drive home 45 minutes...
and let me say my tolerance SUCKS...I had 6 long island iced teas...a whiskey sour, 2 rum and cokes..and a washington apple shot...and I was NOT drunk...WHAT THE FUCK??? I was so dissapointed...I guess I need to stop drinking my wine at night...*sigh*
OH and here is ap icture of me and my sister doing our washington apple shot..

nice candid huh? heh..I also can drink a shot faster than her...

Del tilled up the rest of the side yard out front so I can complete my herb garden ;) I am so excited...I have alot of grass to yank out, but tilling it is the biggest first step...it is going to be so rocking :)

SO how bout it has been 80* here for the past 4 days..in APRIL. how weird...not that I am complaining..lol..but it is just odd..I hope we can get some 'spring' weather tho...I hate sweating my ass off...

I went to the Dr on the 14th and I gained weight..damn...it was my 2 week thing w. steak fries and ranch dressing that did it...i know it...it was like 3-5 lbs..so not the end of the world, but annoying..i need to start doing regular walks...i am such a slug tho..srsly. i am a couch potatoe at heart...it is sad...

OH OH the gardening geek in me is in HOG heaven..I decided to start my own heirloom tomatoes from seed...and zukes too..everything has sprouted :) the zukes are already in a bigger pot...the tomatoes have a little longer to go for that...I cannot wait...I got red, orange, yellow,green and purple tomatoes...the green tomatos are going to perplex me..how do I knw when to harvest them?? LOL

We are getting new windows in the boys bedrooms...this will be on thursday...the windows in there now are 84 years old...so this should be fabulous for them...and if they break them..I am going to KILLLLLL them dead...d.e.a.d.

OK that is all the random I have time for...work beckons to me...
check Keely out for more random

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

My lone tulip...isn't she pretty??

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walmart gave me PTSD

Yes, I went to walmart yesterday, good friday.
and yes, I am insane..
it was fucking nutso.
I seriously had all the symptoms of PTSD when I got home..
the line I waited in was like 30 MINUTES.
yes I said 30..
and the little old lady in front of me dropped her milk bottle off the belt, or rather it fell off the belt and split open at the bottom..
I being the nice person that I am, picked it up and gave it to the cashier to handle before it ALL spilled out..
and really, those cashiers need BOUNTY behind their cash registers, not the paper towels they have in the bathroom...coz those things do NOT absorb anything...

EVERY.AISLE. I went down had a dumbass in it that was IN MY WAY.
especially the candy aisle.
all I wanted was chocolate bunnies and jelly beans..
all I could find was sweet-tart jelly beans..that was OK I suppose..
I refuse to but cheap jelly beans. they are gross.
THEN I bought a bottle of what I THOUGHT was perfume for 5 bucks
Curve, SOUL..
yeah, that is MENS cologne.
why does it NOT say that on the FRONT of the bottle??
I was pissed when I got home w/ it..

the most exciting thing I bought was undies for me. hanes her way, cotton, low cut so they don't hang out of my pants..
OH and a shirt for me to wear tomorrow..so I don't look like a total schlub.

I swear every redneck moron was in wally world..I was irritated..
then of course I cannot make list to save my life, so I kept forgetting what I needed and had to circle around to get it..
I was SO annoyed..

Lets hope easter is fun or at the very least I get good food, which I am sure I will.
I deserve it..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

yes, it is that time again folks..TUESDAY babay....yay!

my poor husband had a migraine yesterday that felt like a knife in the back of his head...he actually threw up..he has never had one w/ such violent onset..it came out of nowhere...time to make an Dr appt..he needs to be sure this isn't some weird thing, and see about getting real migraine meds..

I am looking at getting heirloom tomato plants this year..they aren't easy to find, so I am ordering online...anyone ever do this before? if so where did you get them from?
We tilled up the garden yesterday..made it a touch bigger...and I am SO ready to get stuff planted...except that Mother Nature is a huge bitch this week and it is going to SNOW this week. yeah. snow. in april. I am so frigging annoyed. I just want NICE weather...I have a TON planned outside..and wanna get on it! The snow, it sucks ass...hard...

I had to buy a new printer last week, my old canon went tits up on me...was only feeding paper on one side...causing a jam...so I bought an epson, we shall see if I like it...it has 4 ink cartridges, which is annoying coz if one is out then it won't work...

I have a BIG zit brewing on my lip. ew. in fact, it is a HUGE cluster on my lip , that stretches just to the lower part of my cheek. fuck. I hate zits. and it hurts too. I hate having oily skin...the ONLY thing that is a benefit is that I have almost NO wrinkles...hell, even my eyelids get oily..I suppose someday, I will be very greatful...but for now, I am more annoyed..

it is STILL SNOWING. OMFG. this is un real...

I have to come up w/ a dessert for easter sunday that is low calorie and low in sugar...my sister wants me to make a strawberry tart..I have to find a recipe for that...it *does* sounds fabulous...

I think I will make some deviled eggs too...I have a kick ass recipe for them w/ bacon and horseradish...YUM.

I have to get more easter candy...we like cadbury eggs in this house..also reese pb eggs..YUM....also JELLY BELLY jelly beans! YUM! they are so good..love love love them! the best. also will settle for starburst or smuckers...

OK, me and my soon to be expanding ass have to get ready for work...visit Keely for more random fun!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why I Love British people

as I was watching Dollhouse today I was reminded why I love the british accent/society..
They way the say schedule..it is so cool...
I like how the spell Colours...why, I don't know, but I love it..also in the same vein, favourite..
cheque..traveller & theatre (I misspell these 2 alot..maybe I was British in a past life)
ALSO Tonnes (aka TONS) that is cool..
mum is another...
the 'cockeny' accent is fun as well..
they have tea every day and stop whatever they are doing to do so...way cool..wish we could do that with coffee here!!

they smoke..a lot...lol..

the royal family is fascinating to me to me as well...

they have pubs, not bars..sounds classier...

they have boarding school..heh....

they have a PALACE! how cool...all we have is the stupid white house...

changing of the guard...and how the guards can't react to anything you do..hehe...

you can drink there at 16...what I wouldn't have given..lol...

Wanker. there is an awesome word. I use it alot..

bloody hell,git,telly, gobsmacked, loo,prat, pram..love those too :)

Monty Python came from England...Benny Hill....David Beckham (he may be dumb as a brick, but DAYUM he is hot..)

I am sure there are more things I like, but this is all that my addled brain can come up with :) enjoy!