Friday, January 30, 2009

100?? Oh, erm, how bout 101??

OK so I miss counted and got my post count wrong..damn.
SO here are 101 things about me

  1. My middle name is Anne
  2. my maiden name is Buggy..for real.
  3. I met my husband when I was 17
  4. We have been married for 12 years
  5. I graduated HS w/ a 3.3 GPA
  6. I used to hate my name, now I love it
  7. I wish I had gone to college
  8. I WILL go to college, someday
  9. I am a gardening addict
  10. I have a DX of Major Depression
  11. I love to cook & bake
  12. I was 22 when I got my drivers license
  13. I love painting...walls not pictures
  14. I like to make people laugh
  15. I am not much for phone calls..I think I burnt myself out in my teen years
  16. I have friends now that I have had since I was in grade school & Jr High (Nadine, Becky, Rachel, LuAnn,..who am I missing??)
  17. I rarely hold a grudge...I have seen the havoc it can wreak and refuse to do it
  18. I throw things when I am pissed off...sometimes I aim...sort of..
  19. It takes MUCH to piss me off that bad
  20. I heart purple
  21. I love the smell of citrus
  22. I grow herbs in the summer, & use them to cook with
  23. I make my own spaghetti sauce...always.
  24. I drool in my sleep
  25. I also steal covers...
  26. my mom was 19 when I was born...
  27. my parents were married for only 2 years
  28. I am the only child they had together
  29. my siblings are all half, but I never think of it..
  30. I rarely buy pop for us to drink...
  31. I can eat a pound bag of baby carrots w/ some ranch one sitting
  32. I love cheese, of all kinds
  33. I drink alot of coffee
  34. I LOVE plain black tea
  35. I am addicted to facebook
  36. I have a rocks
  37. I can keep a secret FOREVER.
  38. I am SOOOO nebby nosey it is kind of wrong..I need to know everything.
  39. I can remember 90% of my families birthdays..but I can never remember ON the day of...
  40. My family is HUGE. Grandparents had 9 kids...they all have kids (except one..) and now the grand kids are having kids
  41. I will prolly never be pregnant again...*sigh*
  42. I have been online since 99
  43. wow, thats ten years
  44. we have only been thru 2 computers, and this laptop is our third
  45. I am cheap.
  46. I only buy wheat bread
  47. I freeze bread all the time
  48. I make my pancakes from scratch
  49. I love thrift stores
  50. I miss ebaying :(
  51. I hate housework, and tend to avoid it alot.
  52. My kids are carbon copies of me and my husband
  53. the oldest of me, the youngest of him
  54. I have recently lost 31lbs
  55. I have never lived ALONE. ever
  56. I have driven across country 4 times
  57. I have never flown on a plane.
  58. I am a HUGE massive slacker...HUGE.
  59. I hate laundry..and can never remember to do it unless I am out of clothes...
  60. I love growing my own food
  61. I was in remedial math until Jr high
  62. I did however, read at a 12th grade + level in 8th grade:)
  63. I never got past pre algebra n 9th grade, and then barely...
  64. went on to basic math unti I graduated...
  65. I also failed business math...really.
  66. I took Latin in 9th grade, which is why I know so many words and their meanings
  67. I have coffee EVERY morning. if I don't I get a headache
  68. I smoke 5 or less cigs a day...
  69. I *hate* beer..
  70. I drink Hard Cider instead (Woodchuck brand..)
  71. I also LOVE vodka...
  72. I am 25% Irish and 75% Polish
  73. I got my cosmetology education while in HS
  74. I have had my license since 1995
  75. my husband is a neat freak..I am most decidedly NOT..
  76. I feel bad for him sometimes
  77. i have a thing for Vampire themed TV and books..Buffy is awesome. I love Twilight & Laurell K Hamilton...
  78. I have to have one foot out from under the covers- you know for temperature control
  79. I hate wearing gardening gloves, but have realized I have to, or my hands will always be cut up..
  80. I am a HUGE fan on B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom & their new on, Vanilla Noir is awesome too
  81. I have *had* to wear a bra since 4th grade..
  82. it really sucks being that young and wearing a bra
  83. but I got over it...I love my girls...even after 2 kids worth of breastfeeding
  84. I have never been further west than Utah
  85. I am afraid if I go to Cali the BIG ONE will is how my luck works
  86. I have worked at a beauty supply, a restaurant,a deli, a dept store, and a salon...also did temp work at a warehouse...and I worked at our county fair in HS at a concession stand...OH and at Lowes in the garden Dept...
  87. I love purses...someday, I will have a coach purse..someday...
  88. I rarely wear jewelry...
  89. I can ONLY play easy on Guitar Hero..srsly. add that 4th button in, I am LOST
  90. I hate dresses and skirts...
  91. I typically wear slide/mule style shoes..I hate tying shoes..
  92. my feet, hands and ass are always cold...
  93. I refuse to live w/o a dishwasher EVER again..I went 5+ years w/o one..HATED it..
  94. We have well water..and I love it :)
  95. I have moved 10 times in 15 years...
  96. I plan on staying put now that we own a home
  97. my kids won't have a TV in their bedrooms until they can afford one themselves
  98. they also won't be getting a free ride to college...we will help, but not pay for it all..
  99. I love scrabble!!
  100. I dip my fries in ranch dressing


Got Tagged by my dear buddy Jenni@Alenas Path
The 6th picture from my 6th folder in my picture folder...
This was last year, when it snowed, it shows my poor dog Zoe, REALLY tired of being in the snow, saying it is too cold to go

Snow Job

OK so it is snowing here in The Burgh...wasn't expecting it!!
it is so pretty tho...big fluffy flakes...all the icey mess from the last storm is covered over..
for your viewing pleasure...

my yard in the snow!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stupid funny things

I was just thinking today on the way home from dropping Gav at school, I have done some DUMB things. Well, let me rephrase that...dumb things happen to me...
and they are HILARIOUS sometimes..
Like, over the summer, I was driving just after a rain storm, and had the window down(I was smoking..yes...I know...bad me..) and I drove thru a puddle, it was BIG, and all of a sudden, SPLASH, in my FACE went dirty puddle my face, on my pants..and it almost put out my cig...
and i was doing like 35 at the time..WTF??
It shocked the hell out of me, and it was COLD.
I bet someone was laughing their asses off at me...
I have NO idea, I quickly recovered and never looked behind

and this winter, I was cleaning the windshield off w/ my wipers before we left, and I had the door open for some reason, and POOF all the snow came in on my FACE.

I just do dumb shit all the time...srsly.

any goofy stories you care to tell??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Yes, it is Tuesday again...time for another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts


The dog is stinky, really. he has that 'doggish' smell about him..ew....not overwhelming, but its there..

My kids have a 2 hour delay today, which totally screw my work schedule....I will have to open an hour big, no one on the books..just annoyed in

WHY is it that no matter HOW many pencils we may have here(which is somewhere in the range of 50,000...) we can NEVER EVER EVER find a sharpened one?? ever. I sharpened like 8 last week, and they are all GONE. gone. like an alien spacecraft is beaming them up or, a blackhole somewhere in my house is sucking them in...ORRR maybe, just maybe there is a troop of Gnomes that steal them at night....(I am going w/ the Gnomes myself...)

I am already planning my gardening for the spring. seriously. Winter is starting to wear on me..I cannot wait to get outside, in the warm sun & play in the dirt ;)
Yes, I am a huge I love my plants!!

I have a new addiction... Scrabble Rack Attack I love Scrabble in general, this is fun, a way to keep my mind sharp..and learn new GEEK.

Check out Keely for more random tuesday thoughts

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

OK so I dug up a BUNCH of old pictures and shamelessly posted them on FB and Myspace to embarrass friends and family..well, sort of...they certainly are good for some laughs!
I have some record setting BIG bangs in the 80's...heh...and pegged jeans!

SO for your viewing and all my young misguided fashion sense...

Me at about 14/15

Me in 8th grade...ew.

Me and one of my best friends Becky (my bangs are HAWT) I was 16/17

me at about 15/16

These are the record setting big was about 9th grade?

OK, pick yourself up off the floor now...stop laughing, wipe your all made silly fashion choices in the 80's

of crazy neighbors ,dreams lost & runaway dogs

I am NOT getting new neighbors.
Apparently Ms Crazy Neighbor checked herself into the nuthatch(I can call it this b/c I am nutty myself..lmao..) and got on medication...and she is a whole new person (gag me w/ a credit card and put me on layaway...)
She is on meds, that doesn't make her any better in my eyes..
that just makes her a tad more normal and stable than before...
Which, I suppose is good for The Spawn, as no child deserves to live in that unstable of a home, including Satans Spawn...(and more stability means less of a chance of ME being on his 'hit list' when he is a teenager..)
BUT all the spouting off Mr Crazy did was all just talk, no real shock, since I am pretty convinced he is not only co dependent and enabling, he is also lazy and has sub normal intelligence...
and as an added bonus, I won't have him over here bugging me as much...small thing, but my sanity can be pretty tenuous at times...
seems that Del was right, and he wasn't ever really going anywhere...heh..I hate it when he is

The dog ran away Monday evening..I opened the door to hook him on his leash, and BAM he was GONE.
someday he is going to hurt himself..
he was home in 20 minutes as always, but still..super annoying..especially since it was like 10* and I felt I had to walk down the block to see if he was still within eye sight..he wasn't..and my fingers were SO damn cold..UGH...
he was properly ashamed of himself...came home w/ head hung low and thirsty as
no wonder since he pee's on EVERYTHING he possibly can when he runs

Zoe, being lazy

I have the next 2 weekends OFF w00t!
paycheck may suck, but hell, 2 saturdays to SLEEP IN??
THAT is a beautiful thing...simply beautiful!!!

OHHHH and The Spawn dropped the F bomb, AGAIN, in context..
the first time he did it he was 4..and he does it every few months,,,and most of the time I ream his ass OUT.
I told him that there is NO reason for him to EVER say that word. ever.
and I asked him if he wanted me to wash his mouth out w/ soap, to which he said NO....
and I told him if he was MY kid, I would have his ass so sore, that he wouldn't be able to sit down for a week!
and then Mr Crazy called to ask me something about BasketBall and I proceeded to ream HIS ass
I told him the reason that The Spawn says this word is from a lack of consistancy..and punishment...his says I do punish him, and proceeded to run down a damn list of things he has done to punish said child, I said well, it isn't working, and there is NO REASON for a child of 4,5,6,7,8 OR 9 to EVER EVER say that word. ever.
Needless to say,after that, he avoided me like the
ahhhh sweet sweet silence...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

O.M.G..we did it..and Ravens DO taste like Chicken! hahahhaha

We beat the tar out of the Ravens..and found that yes-Ravens do indeed taste like CHICKEN!

My throat is sore from SCREAMING WITH JOY....especially after Polamalu intercepted and RAN IT IN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN..oooo yeah..

NOW to win the BIG game and get that six pack!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silly Sports Rituals

OK so I am DIE hard, genetically predisposed-to-be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan(note- my spell checker did NOT have Steelers in it...tsk does now!)
and as a die hard football fan, I have some silly beliefs/rituals...anyone else who is a hard core fan does me..they may or may not admit it, but they do.
When we lost the AFC Championship game to the Pats a few years ago, I attributed it to the fact that I wore a bracelet I had just gotten....I never should have worn it..I hadn't ever worn it for a game before..and when I did we had a gut wrenching loss...seriously. I boycotted ALL NFL news after that game. it was just too painful to watch..

When we WON the Superbowl in 05...I attributed that to the fact that we watched the game EVERY week w/ friends of ours, and we went there for the SB...and we WON..that was a grand old time..I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see the Steelers win a SB in my adult life...and O.M.G the high from that was just amazing...we went out on their back porch and banged wooded spoons against pots & did the WHOLE neighborhood w/in ear was snowing to beat hell and peeps were setting off fireworks..OH it was BEAUTIFUL..cellphones were ringing was just NIRVANA...

If they are losing a game, I have been known to leave the room,& miraculously, they start to win!!
I wear the same shirt sometimes...
and this week, I am going to be wearing the same outfit I wore last Hines Ward jersey, a pair of tan sweat pants...& the same undies (washed tho...cannot be that gross..LOL..)
I am struggling w. the idea of watching in the same place tho..we were at my grammas and that is 40 minutes away...I may see if the friends we used to watch w/ are available...

at any rate, anyone else have any silly sports rituals?
I know Julie @ The Cool Mom Guide has No Pants Sunday..which I so relate to

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


AH it is Tuesday yet again!! yay! been a decent week...tho work has been way dead...I am NOT thrilled....

OK so here goes my randomness...

1- I deeply heart my morning coffee, there is nothing quite like sucking down said cup o joe in the morning, alone. in the quiet. w/ the dog curled in a ball beside me on the couch (shhh...don't tell the hub, he doesn't allow the dog on the couch, but I do in the mornings :)

2- I am STILL geeked out on Zelda for the DS....trying to beat did we do it before the net? I have had to look up more walk thrus and guides...and my kid has to ask for his which I say 'hang on, i'm trying to do something....'....heh...

3- I got my hair cut yesterday! No big deal you say? Ha! It IS a big deal when you are a one has time or wants to stay at work is why I color mine myself...which is next on the list!

4-I think I am getting a sore throat. fuck, that ain't good. Airborne here I come...

5- my crazy neighbor(the chick) checked into the nuthatch...and so we know that he won't leave her...damn. I still have crazy neighbors..*sob*

6- I am a lipgloss whore...seriosuly. I have 30+ tubes...I need to go thru them tho...since I colored my hair red, alot of stuff doesn't look right on my anymore...
OH OH Pic Opp
Me, blonde 2-3 ys ago~me red, xmas
Quite the diff no?? I have ever had to get rid of shirts that didnt work w/ red hair....

7- despite my fears of gaining weight over xmas...I somehow managed to LOSE 5 more..which puts me at 31 lost...knock me over w/ a feather...

8- I regularly drive over the speed limit. always. It is not good...I am going to get my ass a ticket...I have such a lead foot..its not like speed demon bad, but it is like 10-15 over..bad me..

9- people who MUST pass you only to get off at the exit 500 ft in front of you annoy me. they should be rounded up and shot.
10- my feet are SO calloused it is almost criminal. I actually wear holes in the bottom of my socks in the winter b/c they are so rough. seriously. I have a nickle foot file in my shower I could used every day...but only manage to use a few times a month....

OK that is my random for the week!!!!!!

check out Keely at the Un-mom...she is the originator for RTT!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I been tagged!! yay! This is a new one on enjoy! and watch for your name!

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

SO here are mine!!

  1. I am an animal lover at heart...if I could, I would have a damn zoo..but alas, the hub keeps me w/ one dog...whom I love to if I had my way, the dog would sleep in my bed should he choose...but again, the hubby is a party
  2. I gave birth both times sans medication, no epi, no IV drugs, nada. and I would do it again. AND whats more, I would have a HOME BIRTH is a hot second. yes, a I am not crazy :)
  3. I have never lived alone. ever.
  4. I moved 2000 miles away from home when I was less than a month out of high school..I would do it again too.
  5. I have about 30% gray hair. I am 34. that is so wrong. good thing I am a stylist...
  6. I am a cover also grind my teeth and drool (gross) in my sleep. I also used to snore but since I dropped 31 ( lbs I stopped :)
  7. My mom was 19 when I was born..she was a gramma at 41...and loves every second of it! My own gramma was a gramma at 44...and they both still look so young :)
  8. I read voraciously. I can knock out an 800 page book in 2 days..of course NOTHING else gets
  9. I can remember almost ALL of the birthdays in my family. and that is alot of peeps. BUT no way can I remember their birthday ON their birthdays...have NO idea why...
  1. I am very socially akward most of the time. I feel very out of place and self concious..especially if I don't know anyone where I am at...I have a small core group of friends that I hang w/ and that is it....

Now, for my 7!
Cathi-@ mummaboox2...I truly enjoy reading her blog! It is always entertaining & she just sucks you right into her life :)
Brooke @ of the first I started reading and she was so welcoming to me in the Blogoverse...
Jamie @ Mrs Sour Britches one of my IRL buddies!! Her and i get alone so well..and see things so much the same...
Keely @ The Un-Mom..the originator of Random Tuesday Thoughts..whats not to love?? AND she hearts Buffy as much as I do!! (maybe
Her Bad Mother she is just a TON O' Fun to read...and to follow on twitter!!

and that is all I got peeps! Not 7, but a respectable 5

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tight Fittin' Jeans AKA Random Tuesday Thoughts

Yes, another edition of random thoughts!! YAY!
Its been a helluva a week here...back to the grind and daily routines...which I missed oddly to me in Feb when I am half nuts w. cabin will wish for some insanity...


1-my uncle and aunt(who is chinese) & family came to visit my gramma and the rest of us last week..and O.M.G. she makes the BEST chinese food ever. she made pork dumplings, FROM SCRATCH. *drool* I ate enough of those to make me gain a pants size...honest. not to mention fried rice (which I can NEVER duplicate..ever. I have tried.) and broccoli chicken stir fry.. my god..I ate so much...I would pay her to make me dumplings and send them to she has nothing better to do w/ her they have 3 girls..15-5...she is a CPA as well..and my uncle is a carpenter by trade, and he is damn good at it too!! I miss them, especially my uncle, who is my godfather...haven't seen them in like 4 years!! My cousins have all grown up quite well!!

2- I ate SO much this holiday I KNOW I gained a pants size (I like saying pants size instead of pounds..Denile is a nice place...) I have a Dr appt this week & I am SO scared to see the scale...think if I fast & have nothing but juice it will help me in 2 days? me

3-my dog is 'singing' along w the fire whistle that is going is HILARIOUS.he sounds so funny..and he looks funnier still..dead serious about it..

4- thank GOD school is back in...those boys of mine were going to KILL each other pretty quick if they weren't separated...

5-it is freezing raining(is that a word?) here and supposed to snow later on...I love snow!!

6-I have to pee in the middle of the night 75% of the is so annoying..I blame childbirth...I also say that my eldest will pay for my tummy tuck someday..since he stretched it all out..and the youngest will pay for the boob lift since he used them the longest (2.5 yrs!!)..lets hope for good

7-I finally got sprung from physical therapy! YAY! I have a few new stretches I have to do, but otherwise I am good! Also, based on how far I can reach beind my back w/ my good arm, I am hyper accounts for how easily I dislocated my shoulder & why I always twist my ankles..need to tell hubby maybe not..heh...

8-crazy neighbor update...he is STILL not out..but he is supposed to be leaving this week..ha. ALSO...SHE is blaming the fact that he is leaving on MY HUSBAND. get that shit?? I said WHAT? Yeah, coz you know threatening to slit the father of your childs throat is never a reason for him to leave...she found the court papers in his pocket..andtook his phone & car keys...CARAZY...just hope she doesn't ask ME what I think...coz she won't like my answers...nutjob...

9- the big boy got Guitar Hero for the DS...I am curious how it works....and glad that they will leave my TV

10- I am fresh out of random thoughts..go figure...