Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walmart gave me PTSD

Yes, I went to walmart yesterday, good friday.
and yes, I am insane..
it was fucking nutso.
I seriously had all the symptoms of PTSD when I got home..
the line I waited in was like 30 MINUTES.
yes I said 30..
and the little old lady in front of me dropped her milk bottle off the belt, or rather it fell off the belt and split open at the bottom..
I being the nice person that I am, picked it up and gave it to the cashier to handle before it ALL spilled out..
and really, those cashiers need BOUNTY behind their cash registers, not the paper towels they have in the bathroom...coz those things do NOT absorb anything...

EVERY.AISLE. I went down had a dumbass in it that was IN MY WAY.
especially the candy aisle.
all I wanted was chocolate bunnies and jelly beans..
all I could find was sweet-tart jelly beans..that was OK I suppose..
I refuse to but cheap jelly beans. they are gross.
THEN I bought a bottle of what I THOUGHT was perfume for 5 bucks
Curve, SOUL..
yeah, that is MENS cologne.
why does it NOT say that on the FRONT of the bottle??
I was pissed when I got home w/ it..

the most exciting thing I bought was undies for me. hanes her way, cotton, low cut so they don't hang out of my pants..
OH and a shirt for me to wear I don't look like a total schlub.

I swear every redneck moron was in wally world..I was irritated..
then of course I cannot make list to save my life, so I kept forgetting what I needed and had to circle around to get it..
I was SO annoyed..

Lets hope easter is fun or at the very least I get good food, which I am sure I will.
I deserve it..