Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I made it thru the holidays...
largely w/o booze..lol..my mom did bring some kick ass wine to xmas eve tho..Almondine I think it was called?
It has a lovely almond after taste..yum.

OK so onto random thuesday thoughts :)


1-I am kidless tonight..and what are we doing? NADA. that just seems wrong...

2-anyone else find the Progressive Insurance commercials annoying??? I do..I wanna take Flo & her tricked out name tag and ship them to Bora-Bora (wherever that may be..)

3-I am making an extraordinary amount of typos tonight...seriously..if I didn't correct myself it would look like a drunken 6 year old typed it..

4-my hair needs cut.

5-the kids got Nintendo DS's for xmas..and I am GEEKED out over Zelda..lol...I think I have played it more than Gav..I am serious...looking up cheats online and everything. see? geek...

6-I made up a new word..awesomely...lol..(OK so my spell checker says it is a word...but none the less...)

7-my shoulder feels awesomely (new word alert!) PT is almost over...woooo!

8-my crazy neighbors are breaking up..which means The Spawn is going to be moving coz his dad is filing for custody (rightly so since she is a drunk who refuses to dry out & she is mean ...) lets pray for a quick foreclosure so I can get new NICE neighbors...or less crazy..which ever..anything is better than what we got now..lol..

9-I have lost TWO Ulta eyeliners in the last 2 months...TWO. WTF??? they are they nice ones...plastic where you turn it to get the eyeliner out...never runs...I am so annoyed..I have to FIND them. and fast.

10- i'm hungry. and wanna go get a beer (or a Woodchuck cider which is my equivalent)

ETA check out The Un-Mom- the originator of Random Tuesday Thoughts..she has spiders trying to fall into her chilled red wine..(shhhh don't tell the wine police...)