Friday, December 19, 2008

why I LOVE my birthday!

see, I am a HUGE geek about my birthday...even at 34.
It is a day I can reflect on myself and who I have become...
I can remember w/ fondness my past birthdays..and know I am wiser now...
age is but a number to me..I don't feel any older now than when I was 18...wiser-HELL yeah, older not so much...
It is a day where I can feel giddy about a passing year...feel all excited because it is the anniversary of the date i entered the world, and made it a better place!!
and lets not forget the PRESENTS..and the dinner we always go out for..
even tho it IS 6 days before is STILL special to mom ALWAYS went out of her way to make it fun, and a BIRTHDAY despite being so close to Xmas (she always had a party for granted, I had my presents under the Xmas tree..heh..THAT was cool tho..) she always said it wasn't like I asked to be born so close to a major holiday..(even tho I was THREE weeks due Date was 12/1!!)
My presents were ALWAYS wrapped in bday paper and not xmas (not so much now..she is slacking..lmao..)
& I always got SEPARATE gifts...never got ripped off..

I am a Sagittarius..on the cusp of Capricorn..I have Taurus rising which makes me more of a homebody...Sag's are typically lucky people, which I am to a degree, and klutzy, which is me..heh..TOTALLY.
We have happy go lucky..exhuberant and generally fun to be around..I am adventerous, social ( and know a little bit about everything, b.c I LOVE to learn..anything.
I have great comic timing...and remember WAY too many ruling planet is Jupiter..hence the luck...I am a Fire sign, which you would know if you knewmy quite a lot to piss me off,but oohh buddy when I do go off..NOT fun...
I am very intense..& I hate to be penned in by anyone for any reason..jealousy i am not jealous by any means..
I am open minded by and large..and a live and let live kinda person..I am spontaneous too...AND very positive!! I love to give gifts ;)

of course, this sign has its bad sides too...we can embarrass our loved ones by accident by replaying their silly moments...we can also be tactless...I tend to like to spend money...sometimes frivolously..and I LOVE to accumulate stuff..also can be moralistic sometimes to a dangerous fault..and I can be too free w/ my opnions..and WAY too honest sometimes...the small details in life always get suck and have a horrible time making myself do things!

I found this is a description of Sag's Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs and sacral area; some astrologers consider Sagittarians as tending to suffer from ailments of the hips and thighs and being prone to sciatica and rheumatism.
THIS makes sense since my hips & thighs are well. bountiful..lmao...
my gemstone is Turquoise..which is good luck for me..and i love it ;)

OK so tonight I am going gambling at Mountaineer...yay! It is going to be fun...hopefully I will hit big..and Tom. I am going to do my bday dinner w/ the fam...

OK enough geekiness from me!!
I am off to get ready!!