Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The car situation

OK so yesterday I noticed that the VW Passat wagon we were extended test driving (gotta love having a neighbor who is getting into car sales!!) was a tad noisier..THEN it was downright loud..well, when I went in tonight to talk numbers w/ this dealership, I told him and he took it to be checked..and it is some silly part between the manifold pipe from the engine and the catalytic converter that came loose (the original weld broke..)
SO he does some prelim research and there are 2 options for repair...
Option 1- The mechanic may be able to weld it back together, costing next to nothing..
Option 2- the specific part that came loose is NOT something you can purchase alone..the part that it is attached to costs 1,000(!!!)
which effectively blows our whole deal OUT of the water coz no way am I ponying up another grand for this car...
SO..we shall see..
It is a super nice car...BUT I can't pay that much more for it..
I have a Santa Fe I can look at this weekend from a private owner..which I SO are so awesome..but this VW is nice as HELL..borders on a luxury vehicle..
I HATE buying CARS..hate it..
it just sucks..