Saturday, July 26, 2008

euphemisms for genitalia

OK so my boys are 11 and 8...and typical BOYS..oye vey..are they ever
well, the other day we were driving to a friends house and all of a sudden Gav (8) says, as we are passing a certain point, that is where I fell and hurt my dollar and 2 quarters..
thank GOD I was going slow coz I almost wrecked laughing..(after I of course said in a motherly tone 'THAT is not nice to say Gav' *snicker*)
can I FALL down and laugh as if I am having a seizure???
I have also heard them call it their 'cranberries' and twig and 2 nuts..etc and so forth..

and I WONDER why I have 30% gray hair..

god bless hair color..