Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The boys and football

so the boys started football yesterday...
I watched about 30 minutes worth of practice..and let me say, in Gavin's age group (8-9) watching those coaches direct the children was was like watching someone trying to herd chipmunks..
They were trying to teach them plays...which always confuses me..but then again, I am a girl..and well, that stuff is just beyond me sometimes...
Mostly they just did physical drills..he he..they ran and ran and ran some more!!
they practiced tossing a football between 2 players..
Dannion is in the 11-12 YO team...he actually had some grass stuck on his I daresay his practice was a little more intense..
but they both enjoyed themselves...but they were drenched in sweat..OMG....right into the shower with them!
I will get some pictures today..

and when they are all on the field-you CANNOT tell them apart...I am thinking pink socks on mine to tell them apart..lmao...they were NOT thrilled w/ that suggestion...hehehe