Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult ADD

yeah, when I say my 'ADD addled brain' I SO mean it..
I have been gtreated in the past for it w/ Adderall (sent from the GODS I say) and Ritalin (sent by someone who cares i.e. not as good as Adderall..but good)
SO today I was filling my pill box for the week, I added my cymbalta and then what I thought was my diuretic..then I took said pills for today...the diuretic tasted funny..so I look at the bottle and saw that it was my old RX for RITALIN (I stopped taking both Adderall and Ritalin b/c of my blood pressure..)
I am out of my diuretic and mistook my old Ritalin for it..
so this means 2 things..
1- I have to stop after work to get my script filled for the diuretic
2- I REALLY need to start taking something for my ADD again..I feel FANTABULOUS
my brain is working so much clearer and I am moving faster...
you never know how abnormal you are until you feel normal again..in my case, it is so painfully obvious...