Friday, October 24, 2008

NEW TV shows & watching them online

OK, so I am admittedly a Sci-Fi geek..I LOVE Star Trek:TNG (Make it so Number that line..)
I LOVE vampire stories (ala Stephanie Myers & Laurell K Hamilton )
I love time travel stories of any kind...LOVE them.
I also like prehistoric fiction (yes, very obscure...think Jean Auel )
This leads me to 2 TV shows I am currently addicted to (OK 3..)
True Blood on HBO..a reality where vampires are a 'race class' unto themselves and are able to go 'mainstream' (IE not drinking people blood) by the invention of a blood substitute called, Tru Blood (and it comes in different flavors, erm..TYPES, like O, A that)
AND it has some freaking awesome sex scenes..heh..

ALSO on the network TV front, I just started watching Life on Mars on ABC
basically, it is about a cop who gets hit by a car, and wakes up in about culture shock..I so dig the conceptof WHY he is there..and IF he is there...
and what is he supposed to do there?
Is it real? or is his 2008 life the fantasy.. *ohm* there is a mind clearing question...
I have also enjoyed learning more about the 1970's, the decade I was born in...the music is much better than I have ever been led to believe..

AND , now this is one me and the kids enjoy...
Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles
the time travel sucked me in, and the story has me is an awesomely imaginative series...and it has some kick ass fights in it..coz lets face it..we all love some kick ass action!!

NOW where can you watch the last episodes??
This frikking can even watch the H.B.O shows it.

What shows are you currently addicted to??
any you recommend??