Friday, October 31, 2008

My life is TORTURE

OMFG...not only do I ALWAYS lose the neighbor lottery (never fails, I always live beside a freak of some is ridiculous!)
BUT they AlWAYS insist on being my FRIEND...or in THIS case my HUSBANDS friend..
The Spawn & his father are going trick or treating w/ us tonight.I want to cry, fall on the ground & CRY...kick, scream..throw things and bite someone.....ugh.
and of COURSE how the fuck do you say NO....I want to KILL my husband for being this guys friend..honest to GOD...
so now I get to deal with the Spawn's vacant looks..blatant not listening to his Dad..generally being an annoying little fucking brat.
I know, that sounds SO mean..but this kid drives me bonkers.
I am taking booze on this walk around
I will update w/ a hopefully quick and painless story...ugh..