Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun filled day w/ the family

went to a local amusement park w/ my sister and the family..her company pays for 2 tickets outright, and then offers a decent discount on the rest, so we got lunch & all for the price of 25 a ticket..not too bad..and the Big Boy took a friend..
which was nice, because we could send them off to a ride they wanted to ride and we didn't and not was FUN..

We rode the Phantoms Revenge (more info here ), the Jack Rabbit & the Racer..Gav was STILL not tall enough for the thunderbolt...which was a bummer since it is one of my the older kids went on it alone..and we went on the PitFall which was WICKEDLY fun...I screamed like a 6 YO
the SwingShot was also fun (this is on the same link and the PitFall..scroll around you will find it)
Oddly, I am terrified of heights(well, of falling..and but I LOVE roller coasters and scary rides..granted, I ride w/ my eyes closed most of the time..lmao..but the sensations are awesome..
Oh and the Aero 360 which goes TOTALLY upside down...the big boys chickend OUT completely..hehe..

Gav rode EVERYTHING we did and was not scared..he surprises me sometimes..of course, this is the SAME child that as an an infant, would not cry till the second or 3rd shot at his DR fits in w/ his personaility completely..

all in all a GREAT I am TIRED, my feet are sore, and my throat hurts from all the childlike screaming..hehe..

but it was way fun!!