Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My theory on natural selection

OK so we know Natural Selection weeds out the weak and/or stupid people in the world..stupid people do stupid things, and therefore their stupid genes don't get passed on b/c stupidity kills.
WELL, this all went awry with Ugh and Ogh..cavemen.
Ugh was the smarter of the 2
Ogh was the dumbass..
Ugh became fond of Ogh for whatever reason (hey- stupidity is amusing to the rest of us..)
One day Ogh was going to go club a sabertooth for dinner, he went about it stupidly however(took a club instead of an arrow. for instance), and was very close to being the saber tooths dinner
Ugh felt badly for him, and his conciseness got the best of him and he had to go save him from being sabertooth kibble.
And this, Ogh lived to procreate.
Every stupid person in the universe is related to Ogh.

Ugh cared too much.
Which is why we STILL have stupid people.
No one lets them fuck up and die like they should.

next time you see someone stupid doing something us all a favor..walk away ;)