Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well, F*ck me purple

OK, so let me say I am ALWAYS In need of health insurance..especially mental health..I am in WEEKLY therapy..I *need* it..my life was almost completely down the toilet before I realized this..
Second, I am also on meds for my mental health...have been for 6 years..and will be prolly for the rest of my life..just how it is for me..
Now, we ALL know how horrid the health care industry is to deal with..the cost is CRAZY to the nth degree. WELL, my husbands company has been trying desperately (as have been many others) to keep this cost down..and they have had to switch companies every year to keep the costs affordable..
WELL... this year the picked Aetna, which apparently my Dr does NOT accept..My Dr rocks the house..she is awesome and I am NOT going to switch. period.
SO, now I have decided that we are going to seek out our own health insurance..I am sick of switching and being at the mercy of whatever crappy insurance they pick up..
THIS is so not going to be fun. I have NO idea what to look for, how to choose..ugh..this sucks hairy donkey balls...so wish me luck..and please, send any information you may have this way ;) I am most assuredly going to need it!