Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Random Tuesday!!! YAY!

Its time for another edition of my Random Tuesday Thoughts!!

1- I saw a hawk of some kind today at work..he was poking around a shrub, I assume, looking for a small animal to nab...he was so pretty!
BUT I did yell at him to go find somewhere else to eat, as I didn't want to witness the demise of a smaller bird, or a rodent of some kind...he ignored me..lol..

2-my voice is STILL jacked up from the SuperBowl..heh..sounds like I have laryngitis..the parade is on TV today...which leads me to..


OK, got that out of my system!!

4- little boys are SO damn noisy...urgh...and the ones here, aren't listening...locking them in a basement is appropriate parenting right?? RIGHT!?!??!? (tell me it is coz i don't wanna let them out..)

5- I am very very VERY over winter. very. Snow is pretty, yada yada..but I am just DYING for spring...I need my gardening fix..hehe..

6- I get to take a trip to the DMV this week I have to get my DL picture taken for my new license..and I make sure I get a GOOD picture..I have to live with it for 4 years, so I look damn good in it..

7- see number 3 :)

8- I LOVE love love Cucumber ranch dressing. srsly. alot. I dip almost everything in it...

9-My kids have WAY too many racing video games..I mean way too many. I bet they have 15...plus for the gameboys/DS systems.
I find them soooo boring..but at least it keeps em out of my hair!! heh..

10- DRIVING annoyance..I absolutely HATE it when peeps don't use their TURN SIGNAL.
WTF am I a mind reader???? dude, it is so not hard to do..flick the little thingie beside your steering wheel, and VOILA, the drivers behind you know which way you are turning..