Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupidity at school

Ok, so I drop Gavin off at school, mostly coz I wanna avoid Ms Crazy and partly coz I am lazy in the morning and would rather take him than get to the bus on time..heh..
Now, if you get there while the buses are dropping off, you have to go to the back parking lot, and the kids go in a back door to go to class..OK fine..
Now, it is a semi circle to drop them off, turn left into lot, drop kid off at door, leave lot, turn right..
Sounds SO simple..
SO not simple...
I swear to GOD every day there is at least 2-3 people who STOP their car, PARK it and WALK the kid up to the door, mind you they do NOT use a parking space..they STOP RIGHT IN THE DRIVING LANE.
can you go around?
sometimes..but mostly no.
To be fair there are THINKING parents who will actually park in a space, and walk the kids up..fine, no big...whatever floats your boat..
I cannot tell you how many times these dumb asses have caused a major back up on the road behind the school...(it is a campus style so it isn't a real *road* but still, irritating when you wanna get the hell out of the lot!)
It is astounding..really astounding..
and there is ALWAYS one woman who does it..the same one, and I see her more often than not..I do NOT understand why she can't park in a space and just walk a tad further...
It just irritates me to NO end..makes me wanna bang my head off the steering wheel..

What irritates you dear readers??