Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


it is friggin COLD here..like 7*...WTF is that?? I am SO over freezing my arse off...srsly.

I did NOT successfully fight off the cold I started getting last week..I ignored the sore throat, that was my fatal error. that and Giant Eagle was out of Airborne..TOTALLY out. they have THREE rows of empty spaces...I was not amused...I did however get it from RiteAid the next day..and they were over priced..so I took it and i think I managed to shorten it...however, I managed to get pink eye, viral I believe. which is something that comes along w. head colds..FUN fun over here.. I am lucky enough to have some left over eye drops from one of the kids bouts w/ pink eye and it seems to help...

Me and my friend Nicole were talking about drinking games...and came up w/ a good one for Grey's Anatomy....every time Meredith says 'Seriously!?!'(or anyone for that matter) you take a shot....how drunk would you get?? REALLY blasted.

We had a baby shower for 2 of our friends saturday...and I had a Chocloate Martini at 3 pm...heee...
Our baby showers always involve booze for those not pregnant...and lots of fun gifts!
here is a picture for ya!

I'm 4th from the left..

I managed to squeeze myself into a size smaller jeans..and tho I felt like denim encased sausage, I was assured I looked fine...

Gavin puked his brains out saturday night, AT his friends house...ugh..I felt horrible..Del was there, and the lid was down on the toilet..need I say more? and then he yakked on the porch going to the car...he didn't yak yesterday or sunday, but this morning he was up at 5:45 in the bathroom and he wasn't puking..struggling w/ sending him to school or taking him w/ me to work..since i am the only one there to open, I have little choice..and I have an appt today!
If he was puking/feverish severly contagious, I would most certainly stay home w/ him...ugh.
ya know, I have unlimited time wed, thur fri to be home, but no one ever gets sick then..

I also slammed my finger in my station at work...ours are pretty cool, the sink is integrated w. the styling station and you lift up the counter top to use it..well, I was lowering it yesterday and my pink got caught and severely pinched..my finger nail has a purple line across it and HURTS. alot.

OK off to shower and decide on Gav's fate for the day....

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