Sunday, February 1, 2009


the first team EVER to WIN SIX SUPERBOWLS!

and holy shit was that a nail biter!


ETA monday morning-

Omg, my voice is so trashed...seriously.
Kudos to the Cards for making it as far as they did, and I do know the pain of defeat (superbowl 30 in 95..that sucked ass) it is stomach rolling , avoid ALL NFL news kind of pain...
GO Steelers. Srsly.
We are the FIRST team EVER to have won 6 Superbowl..we were the first to have 4..
We are still a history making team.
The games are always ugly, we fight, scramble and scrape to win..
it makes us fans yell at the TV, leave the room and PRAY to god for a win...
we also cheer, wave our Terrible Towels and scream like complete fools..
I was seriously PRAYING the Lords Prayer during those last 2 minutes. for real.
I took down the Steelers flag Del hung outside coz we have never had it out for any of the other games...
did those things help us win?
I like to think so...heh..

What a WAY to start a week...