Friday, January 30, 2009

100?? Oh, erm, how bout 101??

OK so I miss counted and got my post count wrong..damn.
SO here are 101 things about me

  1. My middle name is Anne
  2. my maiden name is Buggy..for real.
  3. I met my husband when I was 17
  4. We have been married for 12 years
  5. I graduated HS w/ a 3.3 GPA
  6. I used to hate my name, now I love it
  7. I wish I had gone to college
  8. I WILL go to college, someday
  9. I am a gardening addict
  10. I have a DX of Major Depression
  11. I love to cook & bake
  12. I was 22 when I got my drivers license
  13. I love painting...walls not pictures
  14. I like to make people laugh
  15. I am not much for phone calls..I think I burnt myself out in my teen years
  16. I have friends now that I have had since I was in grade school & Jr High (Nadine, Becky, Rachel, LuAnn,..who am I missing??)
  17. I rarely hold a grudge...I have seen the havoc it can wreak and refuse to do it
  18. I throw things when I am pissed off...sometimes I aim...sort of..
  19. It takes MUCH to piss me off that bad
  20. I heart purple
  21. I love the smell of citrus
  22. I grow herbs in the summer, & use them to cook with
  23. I make my own spaghetti sauce...always.
  24. I drool in my sleep
  25. I also steal covers...
  26. my mom was 19 when I was born...
  27. my parents were married for only 2 years
  28. I am the only child they had together
  29. my siblings are all half, but I never think of it..
  30. I rarely buy pop for us to drink...
  31. I can eat a pound bag of baby carrots w/ some ranch one sitting
  32. I love cheese, of all kinds
  33. I drink alot of coffee
  34. I LOVE plain black tea
  35. I am addicted to facebook
  36. I have a rocks
  37. I can keep a secret FOREVER.
  38. I am SOOOO nebby nosey it is kind of wrong..I need to know everything.
  39. I can remember 90% of my families birthdays..but I can never remember ON the day of...
  40. My family is HUGE. Grandparents had 9 kids...they all have kids (except one..) and now the grand kids are having kids
  41. I will prolly never be pregnant again...*sigh*
  42. I have been online since 99
  43. wow, thats ten years
  44. we have only been thru 2 computers, and this laptop is our third
  45. I am cheap.
  46. I only buy wheat bread
  47. I freeze bread all the time
  48. I make my pancakes from scratch
  49. I love thrift stores
  50. I miss ebaying :(
  51. I hate housework, and tend to avoid it alot.
  52. My kids are carbon copies of me and my husband
  53. the oldest of me, the youngest of him
  54. I have recently lost 31lbs
  55. I have never lived ALONE. ever
  56. I have driven across country 4 times
  57. I have never flown on a plane.
  58. I am a HUGE massive slacker...HUGE.
  59. I hate laundry..and can never remember to do it unless I am out of clothes...
  60. I love growing my own food
  61. I was in remedial math until Jr high
  62. I did however, read at a 12th grade + level in 8th grade:)
  63. I never got past pre algebra n 9th grade, and then barely...
  64. went on to basic math unti I graduated...
  65. I also failed business math...really.
  66. I took Latin in 9th grade, which is why I know so many words and their meanings
  67. I have coffee EVERY morning. if I don't I get a headache
  68. I smoke 5 or less cigs a day...
  69. I *hate* beer..
  70. I drink Hard Cider instead (Woodchuck brand..)
  71. I also LOVE vodka...
  72. I am 25% Irish and 75% Polish
  73. I got my cosmetology education while in HS
  74. I have had my license since 1995
  75. my husband is a neat freak..I am most decidedly NOT..
  76. I feel bad for him sometimes
  77. i have a thing for Vampire themed TV and books..Buffy is awesome. I love Twilight & Laurell K Hamilton...
  78. I have to have one foot out from under the covers- you know for temperature control
  79. I hate wearing gardening gloves, but have realized I have to, or my hands will always be cut up..
  80. I am a HUGE fan on B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom & their new on, Vanilla Noir is awesome too
  81. I have *had* to wear a bra since 4th grade..
  82. it really sucks being that young and wearing a bra
  83. but I got over it...I love my girls...even after 2 kids worth of breastfeeding
  84. I have never been further west than Utah
  85. I am afraid if I go to Cali the BIG ONE will is how my luck works
  86. I have worked at a beauty supply, a restaurant,a deli, a dept store, and a salon...also did temp work at a warehouse...and I worked at our county fair in HS at a concession stand...OH and at Lowes in the garden Dept...
  87. I love purses...someday, I will have a coach purse..someday...
  88. I rarely wear jewelry...
  89. I can ONLY play easy on Guitar Hero..srsly. add that 4th button in, I am LOST
  90. I hate dresses and skirts...
  91. I typically wear slide/mule style shoes..I hate tying shoes..
  92. my feet, hands and ass are always cold...
  93. I refuse to live w/o a dishwasher EVER again..I went 5+ years w/o one..HATED it..
  94. We have well water..and I love it :)
  95. I have moved 10 times in 15 years...
  96. I plan on staying put now that we own a home
  97. my kids won't have a TV in their bedrooms until they can afford one themselves
  98. they also won't be getting a free ride to college...we will help, but not pay for it all..
  99. I love scrabble!!
  100. I dip my fries in ranch dressing