Thursday, January 22, 2009

of crazy neighbors ,dreams lost & runaway dogs

I am NOT getting new neighbors.
Apparently Ms Crazy Neighbor checked herself into the nuthatch(I can call it this b/c I am nutty myself..lmao..) and got on medication...and she is a whole new person (gag me w/ a credit card and put me on layaway...)
She is on meds, that doesn't make her any better in my eyes..
that just makes her a tad more normal and stable than before...
Which, I suppose is good for The Spawn, as no child deserves to live in that unstable of a home, including Satans Spawn...(and more stability means less of a chance of ME being on his 'hit list' when he is a teenager..)
BUT all the spouting off Mr Crazy did was all just talk, no real shock, since I am pretty convinced he is not only co dependent and enabling, he is also lazy and has sub normal intelligence...
and as an added bonus, I won't have him over here bugging me as much...small thing, but my sanity can be pretty tenuous at times...
seems that Del was right, and he wasn't ever really going anywhere...heh..I hate it when he is

The dog ran away Monday evening..I opened the door to hook him on his leash, and BAM he was GONE.
someday he is going to hurt himself..
he was home in 20 minutes as always, but still..super annoying..especially since it was like 10* and I felt I had to walk down the block to see if he was still within eye sight..he wasn't..and my fingers were SO damn cold..UGH...
he was properly ashamed of himself...came home w/ head hung low and thirsty as
no wonder since he pee's on EVERYTHING he possibly can when he runs

Zoe, being lazy

I have the next 2 weekends OFF w00t!
paycheck may suck, but hell, 2 saturdays to SLEEP IN??
THAT is a beautiful thing...simply beautiful!!!

OHHHH and The Spawn dropped the F bomb, AGAIN, in context..
the first time he did it he was 4..and he does it every few months,,,and most of the time I ream his ass OUT.
I told him that there is NO reason for him to EVER say that word. ever.
and I asked him if he wanted me to wash his mouth out w/ soap, to which he said NO....
and I told him if he was MY kid, I would have his ass so sore, that he wouldn't be able to sit down for a week!
and then Mr Crazy called to ask me something about BasketBall and I proceeded to ream HIS ass
I told him the reason that The Spawn says this word is from a lack of consistancy..and punishment...his says I do punish him, and proceeded to run down a damn list of things he has done to punish said child, I said well, it isn't working, and there is NO REASON for a child of 4,5,6,7,8 OR 9 to EVER EVER say that word. ever.
Needless to say,after that, he avoided me like the
ahhhh sweet sweet silence...