Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stupid funny things

I was just thinking today on the way home from dropping Gav at school, I have done some DUMB things. Well, let me rephrase that...dumb things happen to me...
and they are HILARIOUS sometimes..
Like, over the summer, I was driving just after a rain storm, and had the window down(I was smoking..yes...I know...bad me..) and I drove thru a puddle, it was BIG, and all of a sudden, SPLASH, in my FACE went dirty puddle my face, on my pants..and it almost put out my cig...
and i was doing like 35 at the time..WTF??
It shocked the hell out of me, and it was COLD.
I bet someone was laughing their asses off at me...
I have NO idea, I quickly recovered and never looked behind

and this winter, I was cleaning the windshield off w/ my wipers before we left, and I had the door open for some reason, and POOF all the snow came in on my FACE.

I just do dumb shit all the time...srsly.

any goofy stories you care to tell??