Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Yes, it is Tuesday again...time for another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts


The dog is stinky, really. he has that 'doggish' smell about him..ew....not overwhelming, but its there..

My kids have a 2 hour delay today, which totally screw my work schedule....I will have to open an hour late...no big, no one on the books..just annoyed in general..lol..

WHY is it that no matter HOW many pencils we may have here(which is somewhere in the range of 50,000...) we can NEVER EVER EVER find a sharpened one?? ever. I sharpened like 8 last week, and they are all GONE. gone. like an alien spacecraft is beaming them up or, a blackhole somewhere in my house is sucking them in...ORRR maybe, just maybe there is a troop of Gnomes that steal them at night....(I am going w/ the Gnomes myself...)

I am already planning my gardening for the spring. seriously. Winter is starting to wear on me..I cannot wait to get outside, in the warm sun & play in the dirt ;)
Yes, I am a huge geek..lol..but I love my plants!!

I have a new addiction... Scrabble Rack Attack I love Scrabble in general, this is fun, a way to keep my mind sharp..and learn new words...lol..see? GEEK.

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