Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silly Sports Rituals

OK so I am DIE hard, genetically predisposed-to-be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan(note- my spell checker did NOT have Steelers in it...tsk does now!)
and as a die hard football fan, I have some silly beliefs/rituals...anyone else who is a hard core fan does me..they may or may not admit it, but they do.
When we lost the AFC Championship game to the Pats a few years ago, I attributed it to the fact that I wore a bracelet I had just gotten....I never should have worn it..I hadn't ever worn it for a game before..and when I did we had a gut wrenching loss...seriously. I boycotted ALL NFL news after that game. it was just too painful to watch..

When we WON the Superbowl in 05...I attributed that to the fact that we watched the game EVERY week w/ friends of ours, and we went there for the SB...and we WON..that was a grand old time..I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see the Steelers win a SB in my adult life...and O.M.G the high from that was just amazing...we went out on their back porch and banged wooded spoons against pots & did the WHOLE neighborhood w/in ear was snowing to beat hell and peeps were setting off fireworks..OH it was BEAUTIFUL..cellphones were ringing was just NIRVANA...

If they are losing a game, I have been known to leave the room,& miraculously, they start to win!!
I wear the same shirt sometimes...
and this week, I am going to be wearing the same outfit I wore last Hines Ward jersey, a pair of tan sweat pants...& the same undies (washed tho...cannot be that gross..LOL..)
I am struggling w. the idea of watching in the same place tho..we were at my grammas and that is 40 minutes away...I may see if the friends we used to watch w/ are available...

at any rate, anyone else have any silly sports rituals?
I know Julie @ The Cool Mom Guide has No Pants Sunday..which I so relate to