Thursday, August 28, 2008

did I stand on the scale wrong?

I am asking myself that very question..
why you ask? I have a history of having a difficult time losing weight..very difficult.
I like food (blush) and alot of it..I also like my 'free time' to lay around (read: play on the exercise bores
well, in the last 18 months or so I have lost 26 lbs..TWENTY SIX.
that is very not like me...
now granted I have started working (since april) and have been on a diuretic for about 6 months..(for high BP..which I believe is weight related....)
so I am guessing a combination of those 2 factors has been instrumental in losing..
Part of me is thinking I stood on the scale wrong..coz I STILL feel all bloated and icky..but apparently not..I have been watching what I am eating too..more fresh foods, veggies..letting my stomachs cry for food go unheeded (heh)
I am STILL in the red zone BMI wise (39...w0w...better than in the 40's tho..)
for comparison here are 3 pics.
November 07

Jan/Feb 08 (before diruetic)

July 08