Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Football game!

How fun..the first 3 hours anyways...hour 4 had me up and stretching...then to the concession stand..then back to the bleachers (ow) hour 5 I was playing a game on my cell phone..and hour 6 I was just plain worn...
got to see my boys play for a grand total of Oh, 2 minutes?
rofl..not that I expected gotta earn time on the field..
Gav got to hold the bench down ;)
It looks like it was about to make a break for it a few times, but he kept it firmly attached to the ground!
They played well and both of their age divisions won..
they both have some real talent on their teams!
I got their team/ individual pictures, well one anyways, Dannion had to have his retaken for some reason?

we are SO investing in some stadium ass is STILL sore...and I am taking my own food and drink..and possibly more entertainment..for my ADD addled brain..

and let me say, midget flag football is ADORABLE to watch...just adorable..I wanted to go squeeze some little faces they were SO cute...hehehe
and the little cheerleaders?
OMG..way WAY beyond cute...

my camera had dead batteries (!!!) and I will get pics next time...
suffice to say, this is my LIFE for the next 6 weeks..arghhhh