Monday, August 25, 2008

Growing, changing and sadness

OK, so I am not usually a weepy mom....I rarely am weepy over my kids growth and changing...lost teeth make me smile..birthdays make me think of them as infants and their births and always makes me feel warm and fuzzy..I love seeing them reach milestones in their development..
BUT for some unknown reason, when they start school, it makes me weepy...
This year the Big Boy is going to Middle School..THAT is part of it..he looks SO grown much like a pre-teen..and I am learning to cherish his openness while it is still here..his willingness to talk to me, his willingness to hug and snuggle with me..I know it will be short lived, and in a few years he will be a sullen teenager..not giving me more than monosyllabic words and grunts ;)

I sent him off 40 minutes ago to his new bus stop, alone...into the BIG world of Middle School...on the bus w/ kids 3/4 yrs older than a school he has only been briefly introduced to..
It is so hard to let go let them be grown do things on their own...this is definitely one of those times.