Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Me, waxing philosophical

was reading another blog, the poster was talking about religious beliefs..
I was surprised at how many people do not believe in a god or a higher power...
maybe I am just that simplistic, or that much of a Pollyanna, but I had NO idea so many people are atheists...
my beliefs are just that- I do believe.. I do not know for sure that there is a god, but I do believe in is what it boils down to for me..I have faith that there is a higher being than me..

I don't pray perse,
I don't go to church (organized religion has left a bad taste in my mouth...)
I am a lapsed Catholic(but aren't more catholics lapsed than not?)
But I do believe..
I went to church w/ my gramma when I was a mom washed her hands of the church when they annulled her marriage to my dad when they divorced and he remarried a few years later..but she never gave me any negative feedback..

is it because my life has been relatively trauma free that I have Faith?
maybe...but I have had my own personal traumas in other areas..

what is your belief??