Monday, August 11, 2008


OK so I am about 20 years late, but WOW that was fun!
got a call from my good friend Krista asking if I wanted to go, after some arm twisting and pissing and moaning from the husband (long story) I went..and it was so fun!
They put on a great
also Sebastian Bach was there & Dokken
They were really good, played their old hits and nothing new really, which was fine..
the people watching was saw some SCARY peeps...and some peeps who should have worn a BRA (granny boobs) and some chicks who needed more shirt-haha!
some Rock of Love wanna be's...some kids who were barely 18..and I also saw a 3 or 4 year old there..kind of scary...
we also saw a woman who we dubbed Headbanging Chick, she was a few people over from us..OMG she was headbanging to beat the band, literally I was a RIOT...we got video on Krista's phone, as soon as I get it uploaded, I will add it..if this girl can even lift her head today, I will be shocked.. (spoken from the voice of *ahem* experience,or just plain old age..lmao..I did my share of head bangin back in the Day)
No good pictures tho..we were on the lawn seats and any pics of the bands looked like SPECS of nothing...

ALSO Rock of Love 3 is in production now(so says Brett!!)..we saw the hoochies on the side of the stage shakin what thay mama gave em (LOL)
and might I saw Brett still has a nice ass, even if his face is sort of wrinkly..lmao..

good times, good times!