Thursday, August 7, 2008

end of a long week

but nowhere near as long as last week!
THAT was a hellish week..
Thankfully, we have the car issue resolved, we will be getting it Tuesday-woooo!

kids have settled into a nice routine in more
they have a scrimmage game on Saturday...I will have to miss, but hey, that is OK...I will be there next time!

Work is good- building more clients (for those of you who don't know me IRL, I am a hairstylist, and just recently got back into it and working again after a 8 year hiatus...LOVE it.)
I have a busy week this week coming can be hit or miss, but all and all I have done well...I get killer tips most of the time...

Del will be home-he is supposed to be done w/ Erie this week...thank god..(I think..he is after all neurotic..and drives me looney- but I will keep

I do have to say I lost the neighbor lottery..on BOTH sides..
one side is the Spawn and family..the other side is a retired teacher...who has gotten decidedly more bitchy in the last 5 years..and we now know is a Pack ain't pretty...
She actually was kind of rude to one of Gav's buddies Dad today...he parked out front to pick up his kid and she apparently couldn't get into her driveway (?? WTF ever..looked like enough room to me..and further more, why not go up the street and turn around, come back and pull in the opposite way? old bat) so she says RATHER loudly and NOT in a nice tone, "Can you MOVE your car-I can't get in my driveway" No please, no could you, just snotty tone and demands..
I felt bad and embarrassed...I told Tristans dad that she is like that...I still was embarrassed..I mean really..old bat...she just expects the world to run perfectly..just for her..
I could write a whole entry just on her..she is almost as bad as the Spawn...