Friday, August 1, 2008

rotten %^#% neighbors

OK so some of my long time friends will know my issues w/ the Bad Neighbors next door (their yard makes the Addams Family jealous I am sure..)
Dad is a complete dumb ass, and while he has a job and goes to said job every day..and he loves his son..he is a dumb ass of the highest degree...AND it turns out he has a grudge against my 11 year old..simply as retaliation against our dislike of his Spawn of Satan (hence forth known as The Spawn)
The Spawn is a child that grates on ones nerves..our first clue to this was when we FIRST bought our house...we were only over here cleaning and fixing up...maybe a week tops..well, he came over to play w/ my kids and within the first hour he dropped the F bomb..he was FOUR.
we have heard it at least a dozen times since...and we have been here 5 years...
I kick him out of my house on a regular basis..all I have to do is say GO HOME and he is gone..
he listens to me better than his own father most of the time....coz he knows I will open a can of whoop ass on him..and I have..
The Spawn has multiple behavioral issues and in my opinion, he also may have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...his mom was in rehab 2 yrs ago and as much as she was drinking?
Yeah, she has been a boozer for a while..
He is infamous for ignoring you when you say something to him...and generally not listening and causing small bits of mayhem..
Del & I have refused to integrate him into our childrens lives as a normal friend b/c of his problems and the fact that he drives Del put it mildly...and so we do not take him places with us...
WELL the Spawns father has tried for the last 2 or 3 yrs to get Gav to go along w/ him and Spawn to a local amusement park (his company picnic) We have declined politely...simply put, we don't trust him...
WELL he is trying again..
we have not said NO as of yet. but we will be tonight...
Spawn is over here talking to the kids..apparently the subject of the amusement park came up...and Spawn said that his dad won't take Dannion (the 11 yo) because he won't listen..
HA fucking HA..
talk about the pot calling the kettle black?!?!?
Spawns father has a dislike of my eldest simply because he needs to retaliate against our dislike of The Spawn...he snaps at Dannion(I have heard it) he is harder on him than Gav and the is plain and clear he doesn't like my boy...for whatever his reasons are..
and the feeling is mutual..Dannion has said for quite some time now that he CANNOT stand Paul..(spawns father)

Hearing that Paul doesn;t think D can listen on an outing just put me over the edge...fucked me right OFF...not that I would let him go, but the fact that I know he has something against my BOY..oh fuck no...

OK rant off..I feel better