Friday, November 7, 2008

Been tagged!!!

By 2 is WAY over due..(coz I am a ginormous slacker!...)
and one was just a few days ago!!
The First is from HoneyWine & the second 2 are from Julie @ Cool Mom Guide

and they both call for 6 or 7 random I am going w/ 7....

1- I have no full siblings...I have 2 sisters & a brother, but they are all half..not that it diminishes it at all...just I am a unique genetic expression! heh..if that is good or bad, I don't know..
2-I had 2 completely drug free deliveries w/ my kids..NOTHING. period. no stadol..nothin....and if I would have a 3rd (not likely) I would have a home birth in a hot second!
my labors were 3.5 and 5 (about) hrs long..completely uncomplicated and easy in the grand scheme of child birth!
3- I am a Steelers fan, by family is full of fans, and I think I had no choice but to be one!! I LOVE football..the frikkin rocks!
4-I was engaged when I was 17...and as much as I don't regret it I think I would have heart failure if my kids got engaged at that age! mind you we did not marry until I was 21...but still..I don't know how my mother didn't lose her mind..
5-I broke my ankle almost 4 years ago, BOTH sides and had to have surgery for a plate & screws to put it all back together again...and I can FEEL the screws on my is FUNNY to make people touch it!!
6-I did not drive until I was 22...YES, you read right...22...series of circumstances led me to wait, then we moved out of state where a class was required, and we were too poor to afford them..when I had my eldest son, then I got my license...
7-I smoke. Yes, I do! and I am no sorry, nor do I want to stop anytime soon..I dont smoke more than 3-5 a day tho..I can restrain myself if needed..and my MOTHER doesn't know..yes, I am 33 years old and my mom doesn't know I smoke..LOSAH..lmao..

K I am tagging some blogs now!!
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