Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I am joining the ranks of randomness begun by Keely @ The Un-Mom

  • I thought I beat the cold I was brewing, but alas, it seems I have developed a cough...bleh..I am annoyed by this, but it has not deterred me from having my 5 or less cigs in a day..bad bad me..
  • My dog is a spaz. seriously. he follows me ALL.over. the house...if I walk up the stairs, he follows me, even if I am only up there for 2 seconds..sometimes, I do it b/c it is fun to annoy him..
  • My eldest son has a friend, that is a girl..(NOT a girlfriend, right..Right???) they go roller-blading and play PlayStation a lot..but this morning my hubby saw him waiting for her to walk to the bus...heh...denial ain't just a river in egypt..and I like my little fantasy world I have constructed..it is nice here...(he wil be 12 in Jan...should I worry???)

  • I am late paying my property taxes. and I am annoyed I forgot..if I have to get a cashiers check to pay them I am going to be even more annoyed.

  • I saw a guy run a red light today..the turning lane got a green arrow, but the light to go straight stayed red..he TOTALLY almost caused an accident, good thing the jeep that was starting to turn was paying attention..jackass...

umm..OK I think that is all for now..completey random...