Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I am going to echo Keely's 'wow'- it's Tuesday already! damn.
time flies when you are on percocet(see this for further explanations)

1-it is SNOWING already.Novemeber 17th..snow. I know, I live in Pa, but sheesh...sounds like it is going to be a long cold winter! It is SO pretty tho...watching the whole world turn white & clean!

2-I am already stalking Black Friday ads. The hubby wants to get an LCD TV..ugh. men and their toys. The best I have seen so far is 699 at Kmart ON thanksgiving. which I may end up doing.

3-I took a NAP today...and a whole lot of NOTHING else. I guess being a klutz has it's advantages. heh. well, except for the 'no work' thing..not missing huge amounts of money, but every bit helps.

4- WHY are little boys so damn weird. I mean the can be loveable, but they can be just plain weird. Spastic & Weird. I guess not alot changes as they get older....

5- Gav told me last night that The Spawn is afraid of me..haha! My mission in life has been accomplished! This child listens to me more than his own father...lol..now we know why!!!

6-I have to take Physical Therapy for my shoulder. Should be interesting. I have never had PT before, tho I hear they are little Hitlers that enjoy torturing people.lol. ..we shall see.

7- I make my own hot cocoa mixes, and I also make my own Pancake & Waffle mixes. I haven't used or bought a premade mix in YEARS. I have all the ingredients on hand, so it is no harder than adding water, just takes a few more minutes. AND they are SO so much better. you should try it sometime!

and so ends anther edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts.The next one will be here before you know it!