Thursday, November 13, 2008

my weird skin issues

I have always had skin prone to itching and acne..I can't use cheap lotion..makes me break out..some perfumes make my skin burn for a while..make up has to be good quality..can only use certain skin cleansers and very few moisturizers..most glittery lotions or powders make me itch or get blotchy...and I get yeast infections from cheap body washes (TMI I know..but had to share..) & lets not even go into body acne..mainly my back..ick. it sucks. comes from my dads side of the family..

I recently started using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel from and it has been fantastic...has stopped the mildly cystic acne I had around my jaw line completely..I only get them once in a great while, if at all.

I have had an odd thing happen before a breakout twice in as many months..once on my chin and now on the nape of my neck, just where my hairline usualy when you get a nasty 'cyctic' type zit, you feel a bump under the skin & pain at the same time..well, these have been PAIN first, like you whacked it against something, THEN 3-4 days later the bumps show up..all in all it lasts about 7-10 days before it goes away...but I am mystified at the way it is starting..the pain first..then the cystic like is annoying and I have never had it happen to me before...I hope it is a fluke..will be mentioning it at my next Dr appt...

anyone else have this happen?
anyone have similar skin issues as I do??
I have to use Clinique make up to have NO breakouts at all..and wash my face EVERY NIGHT. talk about a PITA. oily skin kinda sucks..but then I have few wrinkles, so I will be OK w/ it :)