Friday, November 14, 2008

Me and my misplaced sense of guilt

yeah, it is never good when I start out w/ a foul word....

SO The Spawns father is coaching basketball this year, and wants Gav to join the team...I tried to put the kibosh on it from the start but he is not intelligent enough to get it, or is too stubborn to take a damn hint...I do NOT want the following 2 things to happen...

  1. Gav to have to spend any more time around The Spawn than this close to him is more than enough..
  2. I do NOT want to be publicly associated w/ his sounds so mean and so bitchy...but it is associate w/ those that are looked upon poorly (and behave poorly) then you end up being lumped in w. them and I am NOT doing that. not. He is not a *horrible* guy, but he is not that bright, and that household is messed UP and dysfunctional...

that being said, that team needs sponsored, and Del agreed to sponsor it w/ his electrical side business..which is is the team, not that coach, that is sponsored....

so he asked me AGAIN tonight if Gav wants to play (and to be clear, he NEVER mentioned any interest in playing b-ball he mentioned it, but it is b/c of The Spawn wanting to play...and he has played a team sport this can wait till spring to play again...)
I said, no I want him to wait till spring to play any more team sports, to which he says that he need Gav for an 8th player..WTF?
DO NOT back me into a corner. period.
I maintained and said no still..but I feel like a horrible bitch...but not at the same time..
I call it Catholic Guilt..I was raised Catholic and have always had a misplaced sense of guilt....and so do most other Catholics..I say the baptismal water causes it..just a theory tho..