Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out YOUR vote

I am voting today.
a luxury my great grandmother (who lived to be 99) did not have until she was an adult, simply because she was a woman..she never forgot that and voted in every election thereafter..
It always amazed me..thinking that someone I knew was not permitted to vote, simply because she was a she...and it made an impression on me.
While I am not thrilled w/ the pool of candidates this election year, I will be voting..
Both candidates have their scary parts to them..
Obama is VERY liberal..very..and that scares me. He wants to redistribute my wealth..that scares me..I worry that he will be able to defend this country should we go under attack again...
I do like that he is so new, fresh..not a life long politician..
McCain scares me because he is of the older school..what if he is the same as we have? We need something different..what if he is too out of touch w/ the common man...
I have no problem thinking he can defend this country sufficiently..and I feel he is has the intelligence to work w/ the mess the economy is in now..

all in all, a sad pool to choose from...but, vote I will- because it is important...people die for the right to choose their leaders...lets not forget that fact!