Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

heh..leave it to me to be different!
I am just full of many thoughts..mostly completely cohesive all!
SO brace yourself!

Morning far as personal appearances go...Mine goes as follows..
Get up, suck down coffee..take shower..which includes exfoliating my face w/ one of those mesh glove thingies, I must do this or I turn into a huge zit..then after I am dried off, I apply a 2% benzoyl peroxide gel to fight said zits... then I decide if I am too lazy to straighten my hair or not, if I am, gel it and diffuse it dry..if I am up for it, I straighten via a blow dryer and round brush, then a flat iron if needed...then I decide if my skin needs to be lotioned up, and choose a nice scent and do so..pick a perfume most days, and head, one of the perks to being a stylist is that I can do my hair at work if I need to, or touch it up anyways...which I so take advantage of..I also apply my make up there..that so rocks..
thrift stores..I love thrift stores...they be awesome...most of my purses come from them..and they are super cute..I also get alot of new shoes there...and my kids get most of their jeans from them too..much of the pictures in my kitchen come from a thrift store..and alot of my books!!!
I am re-reading Jean Auel Earths Children series..I am such a dork..but I LOVE has captured my imagination from the first one I read...too bad she has to wait like 6 years inbetween books..*sigh*
I love my husband so much..I still get excited when he is on his way home...and when I see his truck pull in..I know..geeked
I am really digging this blogging thing..I have met some awesomely peeps..I hope I keep this going for a long time!!!

OK that is all for now