Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dream Jobs..

I was tagged WAY too long ago by Mumma-Boox2 (AKA Cathi) and true to my form, I kept either putting it off, or forgetting about it..yeah...I didn't think anyone would be surprised to hear that!

I am supposed to list 7 jobs I would like to have..DREAM jobs...heh..this should be fun...

1- Psychologist...anyone who knows me know I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a psychologist...I analyze people as it is...(yes, I analyze YOU...I analyze and I am right quite often...I think being a hairstylist is as close as I am going to get coz it is rough to get paid enough to justify the schooling costs...

2-coffee tester. for starbucks. I may never sleep again, but who CARES!! I'd get free Mochas!! and a hell of alot done as home..

3-Quality control at Woodchuck Hard Cider..this would counter act the effect of the Starbucks job...of course, I would weigh appx 900 lbs..Woodchuck has 200 calories a bottle..

4- book reviewer...I would love the chance to read and get paid...the editing part I may be able to do..I can catch spelling errors, but the grammar and punctuation parts I would suck at...

5- owning a thrift shop. I would give my left arm to get first dibs on the stuff that comes in at the thrift shop down the street from me..the treasures that people have NO idea they are giving away...I would be able to take the cream of the crop and sell it on ebay and be sure that the cool stuff finds good homes..

6-professional test you see in the could drive all crazy, and never get in trouble..and I am sure you would be able to take the cars home...give them a real world test fun would that be?!? I doubt you would ever have to pay for gas..

7- this may not be technically a JOB...BUT I want to be independently wealthy..coz really, this average life is for the birds..I wanna have OLD money, new money, just MONEY...more than I have now..(yes, I am disillusioned w/ my life right now..bleh)

OK so I am supposed to tag some of my blogging lets see...
Jamie @ Mrs Sour Britches coz she is cool & I am interested to see what her dream jobs are..
Brooke @ Martinis aren't just for breakfast she may have a sweet new job now, but I know she has to have some good ideas for dream jobs! and she is wicked funny
Staci @ La Chambre d'Orchidee..she makes me laugh..regularly..and I am sure this will give me new insight into her...and that has got to be entertaining..
and my good bud Jenni @ Alena's Path I am sure she has some wicked good ideas of dream jobs..

OK that be all..can't wait to see everyone's ideas!!