Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yay! Random Tuesday Thoughts!


Woooo! It be TUESDAY again!
If you are wondering what this is all about, go check out Keely @ The Un-Mom
and since I am random (obviously!) I heart RTT!!!

I just spilled my morning coffee all over me. my god, I am SO KLUTZY! thankfully,it wasn't hot enough to burn me..but srsly? I do shit like that more than the average person...

Today is St Patty's day. I am Irish(like 25%...lol...mostly I am Polish...no really..heh..) I heart St Patricks day! One of my dreams is a trip to Ireland. I wanna go to Kilkenny County (where my ancestors came from) to Castlecomer where my family was centered & meet some Irish Buggy's. I'd like to take my dad. he would be over the moon :)

I went out w/ friends on friday, and we played pool..I suck at pool. seriously. it is just painful to watch me play.and no amount of run & coke will make me play better.Which is completely opposite of drinking & my bowling score. The more I drink, the better my score gets!!

I have to remind my eldest (who is 12) to comb his hair like 3 times a day..and I have serious doubts that he actually uses a comb. I think he uses a frying pan. or his fingers.
when does that obsession with personal hygeine and appearance start?? I am so ready for it.

dude. thank god for 'undo' coz I just accidentally deleted this entire post.

my kids have found a disturbing new game to play The Torture Game
part of me finds it disturbing.Part of me says cool.
and I am raising part of the next generation. scary huh?

OK, I am done w/ my random for the week. I have a 9 year old boy stalking me for computer time. I put him off as long as I could, but now I hafta give it up. besides I need to get ready for work. another long day. I have ONE appt down and I bet she doesn't show. ugh.

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