Thursday, March 19, 2009

Death knows no boundaries

a high profile death always makes me think..
I know her name, but that is about it..couldnt tell you what movies she is

It doesn't matter how much or how little money you have, how much notoriety, how much someone loves you or how much someone hates you...death doesn't care.

It makes you want to cherish and love those close to you that much makes you notice the little grateful for the small moments in life...

something as simple as the cute look your kids make...the dog climbing onto your lap..holding hands w/ your other half as you fall asleep..a phone call from a all makes you happy to be alive, happy to be where you are..happy it isn't you who has to explain to your kids why mommy isn't coming home...It makes all the small annoyances in life seem like NOTHING...

I remember when my grampa died in 1988...that was so traumatic for me as a 13 YO..It was so damn hard for me to know he was never going to be coming home, that I wouldn't ever hear him call me 'Kid # 1' (I was the oldest I was kid #1...) that he wouldn't be in his office when I went to visit every weekend...he was gone.
when my gramma (moms mom) died in august of 07, that was not as traumatic, it was a shock and partially a relief coz she was steadily declining in health and between her and my uncle who had a mental breakdown, my mom was stretched beyond the made me sad to know I would never go on another shopping trip w. her and my mom & sister again, she wouldn't ever get to go on another bus trip to atlantic city...but she was at peace, and not suffering anymore..

I know when I come home tonight from work, I am going to hug my babies and thank god I am here, that they are here..I know this will evoke squalls of "stop it mom" from the oldest..but the youngest will eat it up ;)
THAT is what I need to cherish, to relish..
and I know when we go to bed tonight and i watch my shows, we will snuggle up together and I will be glad I have someone, as flawed as he may be..I love him...

one of my friends is also going thru a loss, Jamie & her family are dealing with her grandmother's accident and possible death right now, keep her in your thoughts and prayers or whatever you do.

and go hug your babies and enjoy those little things