Friday, March 27, 2009

My Gramma(also blogging while buzzed..)

heh...Thanks for the inspiration Keely!!
I just downed 2 bottles of Woodchuck cider...YUM. nectar of the gods I say..
(also, did you know that my grade school principal was Dr Keely?? I loved him..he was an ex-Marine..and an army reservist..he would put the smack down on any kid who gave him shit..and he DID frequently..but he knew EVERY kids name..every one..he died of melanoma a few years saddened me..he was awesome...)

I got a phone call today, my Gramma went to the hospital..I talked to her earlier today..she was fine..but around noon, she suddenly began vomiting A LOT, passed out, had intestinal issues, was dizzy sweaty and kind of out of it...SO my Aunt called the ambulance, my gram was NOT impressed..I was on pins and needles waiting to hear what was wrong..
apparently she has the Flu..that and a reaction to Amoxicillin she just started taking last night..they ran all sorts of blood work, and she was sent home w/ a Flu DX..and is resting now..
It scared the bejezus out of me..
she is spring chicken..she has 9 kids, and 38 her Great grand children..I am the oldest of the grandkids..and I am 34...

She is fastidious about her health, she goes to Dr appts regularly and takes her medicine...she has 4 other siblings who did NOT do these things and they are no longer with us..she is smart..funny..tolerant..insightful..and a damn saint for having raised SEVEN boys and not killed them or aunts were challenging there were 2 of them..
Hell she raised me every weekend of my life practically...I spent every weekend w/ her and almost all summer until I left home at 18...I was like her 10th kid..
and she helped to fill spaces in my life that were lacking b/c of my parents divorce..I am a firm believer that it saved me..her extra attention...she is like a second mom to me..
She is the glue that holds our family together...

I know someday soon she is going to die..but, I have a hard time dealing w/ that..I have been bracing myself for it..(despite what I say to her..she will say 'when I I say STOP it..we don't want to hear I do need to hear it..coz we all die..)
but the child in me, she wants to think her gramma is going to live forever..and make her awesome potroast until the end of time..and be there to glare when someone says a swear in her earshot..and tell me when I need to do something different w. my boys..and listen to me whine about my husband..and make pecan tassies at xmas..make her siganture HAM GRAVY..which rocks the party...and NOT burn the candles everyone buys her for xmas..

when she goes, I will miss so many much of her is me..I look like her, I move like her..she is important in my life..