Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Itttssss Tuesday! Yay!

Oh god that STUPID comcast commercial is on...ugh. were is the ice pick when I need it..

My best friend Nadine is in Fargo, and they are looking at possibly flooding pretty severely....I hope she stays safe, but as she pointed out, if Fargo gets wiped off the map, she can come back here to live :) which would be rocking..sooo....think about that...lol..and besides Fargo sucks ass...

I watched Twilight Sunday night...OMG that appeals to my inner teenager. I loved it. in fact I am going to BUY the DVD. something I rarely do...I can see where it is slightly schamltzy, but like I said me=15...hehe..I am not ashamed..

Nadya Suleman (AKA Ocotomom god I hate the way the press names people..) may have fired the Angels in Waiting help she has, or at the very least Gloria Allred scared the nanny (which, really, who WOULDN'T be a little afraid of Allred..she is kinda scary!) there was a 911 call placed last week asking the police to remove Allred..check out the linky from TMZ...

and MIRACLES of Miracles, my crazy neighbors TRIMMED the shrubs that have not been touched in like 4 years...I was not too excited when I saw Ms Crazy whacking at them w/ hand trimmers, but they got a set of electric ones and they are DONE. now..we shall see if the rest of the yard fares as well.it looks like a damn field in their front yard..

That is all of my RTT for today..check out Keely @ The UnMom for more... she is on some fine pain meds..I am jealous...