Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You down with RTT??


Yes its that time again..TUESDAY...random thoughts...its one of the highlights of my week :)
(don't judge me..mmmkay?)

For some reason, the song OPP (NaughtybyNature-lyrics here) got stuck in my head the other day..and then when I saw RTT, well, it fits in the lyrics quite well..so now, that is what I hear when I think of RTT (you down w/ RTT? yeah, you know me...)
why, I have NO idea..but now I think RTT has a song :)

my kids can eat a pound of banana in a days time..srsly. it is scary. we are big fruit eaters here.
of course they are equal opportunity eater, they will eat cake and candy as fast as they eat bananas. But the downside to that is that I rarely get more than a few pieces of fruit...little vultures that they are..

I saw a chick in the convenience store yesterday wearing a pink poncho, trimmed w/ rabbit fur. and glasses that looked like they were 25 years old and WAY too big for her face. she seemed to be in her own little world. I could write a story about her...that much character would have to have a good story behind it...maybe I will do a short story...

I like to write...I remember when I was a kid(5th grade), I wrote a play...an off shoot to cinderella..modernized..also wrote a short story when I was a teenager about reincarnation..I may still have that one, but the play was lost to the ages..

my laptop cord has a broken wire- AGAIN. WTF? the stupid thing is located at the back, and it is angled..it ALWAYS gets stuck underneath...it annoys me. alot. This is the second one in 15 months..the original did the same thing...Del was able to frankenstein it back together, but that makes it a backup only..since he can;t put the hard plastic around the wires again..it is nice having an electricican around...buy ask me how many electrical outlets I have in my room?? ONE. and a VERY full power strip. we have lived here almost 5 years...its like the cobblers kids...they always need shoes.. Me? I want OUTLETS in my bedroom. like 5...lol..

OMFG. get this..my neighbor..my neighbor who has a substandard IQ, whose 'woman' has been in rehab and the nuthatch and is medicated for bi-polar..whose kid is as dumb as the day is long, and who has a 20 year old (the womans kid..) living in the basement who punches his 9 year old brother in the leg b.c he annoys him (yes, he did that...scary he is still there..)
This neighbor,Mr Crazy, BOUGHT A HANDGUN. for real. I wouldn't trust him to watch my DOG, and he was able to buy a gun. WTF. why don;t they give IQ tests for that??
I am scared and told BOTH of my boys they are NOT to ever go inside that house. all I can see is The Spawn saying 'look what my dad has...' waving it and accidentally shooting my kid and killing one of them. NO effin way...
and NOT to mention this stupid neighbor NEVER Has any money...can barely pay his mortgage, regularly gets shut off notices..he makes 6 bucks less an hour than what we bring in...and he spent the money on a fucking GUN. he is such a dumb ass..honetly. like we live in the 'hood. we live in one of the safest areas around. UGH. OK OK....I have to stop now, my BP is going up...needless to say, I am disturbed by this..

My daffodils are getting ready to bloom. YAY! I will take pictures when they do...they are SO pretty. I have pink ones and yellow ones, and white w/ yellow centers...

I Will be glad to see march go away...I am SO sick of fickle weather. I want some warmth, sunshine..I want to garden...and get some color..because wow. I am PALE. if Neon white is a color, I am that...I emit a bright white glare when the sun hits me!!

did you know they haved do it your self DNA tests? wow. if I had disposable income, I would so buy one and get my DNA done..how fun would that be???

OK, I am done, I have to get ready for work...check out Keely@ The Un-mom..she is singlehandedly jumpstarting the economy over there..and has killer taste in jeans :)